Zydus Fortiza Penegra Xpress Review: Good Product but Without Patient Reviews

Penegra Xpress by Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
Penegra Xpress by Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Review and Description

Penegra Xpress made by Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd. is a new breeds of Sildenafil products in the market, as it does not belong in the conventional gut-pill type; Penegra Xpress is a “chewable” pill which is fast-acting than most of the Sildenafil products in circulation. The density of Sildenafil products in the market continues to increase and products continue to evolve to suit the varying tastes of the consumers.

Sildenafil is a well reviewed active ingredient responsible for the potency of Erectile Dysfunction drugs like Viagra. ED is a disorder experienced by men usually in the older population, which makes them unable to get erections even if they desire to. Penegra Xpress, like the most Sildenafil-containing meds, aims to help ED patients by acting as a suppressant for PDE-5, which enables the patients to have long-lasting erections for them to be able to have a “normal” sex life.

Penegra Xpress is one of the products manufactured by Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd., which is a pharmaceutical production company in India which has a global reach and a number of manufacturing plants all over the country. Its main plants for manufacturing active ingredients are accredited by the USFDA (Ankleshwar and Vadodara), WHO-GMP compliant (Vadodara and Patalganga plant), and ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified (Ankleshwar plant).

Customer Reviews

Although Penegra Xpress is an interesting drug due to its difference from the conventional hard oral pills, there were actually no client penegra reviews found for in on the web. It would have been great if there were user reviews for the product to affirm its effectiveness. But since there were not the manufacturer’s credibility is the only thing to rely on when it comes to assuming a product’s effectiveness.

Pricing and Dosage

Penegra Xpress Cost
Penegra Xpress Cost

Penegra Xpress’ most common dose in circulation is 50 mg, but Zydus offers other variants for this chewable drug; there are also 25 mg and 100 mg variants available for Penegra Xpress. The drug is available in 4s and costs $1.25 per 50 mg pill for at least 60 pills (price by 3gchemist.com). It is commonly taken only as needed (that’s also the physician’s recommendation), but never more than 1 pill per day.

How to Buy Zydus Fortiza Penegra Xpress Online

Indian residents have the upper hand with regards to access to Penegra Xpress since the product was manufactured there, and maybe, the price for the product there is even lower too. But interested international buyers may also purchase the products online since there are a large number of online pharmacies selling Penegra Xpress and shipping them internationally. There’s also a chance that Zydus had exports of Penegra Xpress in various countries, so clients can go ahead and check if the product is available in their local drugstores.

It is implied that Penegra Xpress is a prescription only medication and is not allowed to be sold without Rx since it is a sensitive drug with many known drug interactions.

How to Use

Although the product says that it’s “chewable” it’s actually better if the product is placed sublingually for better absorption and faster effect. But, chewable drugs like Penegra Xpress may also be swallowed or chewed, depending on the discretion of the user.

As with all prescription meds, Penegra Xpress’ dosing should be advised by a doctor, and no client should self-medicate on the drug to avoid unwanted side effects.

Side Effects

There are commonly known side effects to Sildenafil products which involve migraines, aches and pains, nausea and dizziness, irregular heartbeat, gastric upset, and several others. There are also others which are alarming like loss of vision (temporary), prolonged erections (more than 4 hours), and painful erections. Should any side effect observed (even if not included on the list) interfere with normal daily functioning, patients should seek medical attention immediately.

Penegra Xpress is intended only for use of ED patients and must not be used for any purpose aside from treating the disease. Penegra Xpress is strictly Rx so that the GP may evaluate a patient’s existing condition and recommend the proper dosage for the patient and proper advice regarding the drug interactions special instructions for certain existing treatments.

Conclusion with Rating

Penegra Xpress is a fresh take on Sildenafil as it is not the same old pill that patients take orally. As it is also in chewable form, patients may notice a faster effect from Penegra Xpress in inducing erections. The product may really be effective since it was manufactured by Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd., which is a USFDA-approved, ISO certified, and WHO-GMP compliant institution, although Penegra Xpress itself is not yet approved by the USFDA (only the Indian FDA though).

However, Penegra Xpress came short on reviews—as in literally short, as there were no patient reviews on the web for it. It is already implied that Penegra Xpress’ Sildenafil content will deliver the same effect, but it would have been better if there were reviews to help evaluate the “actual” patient experience with the drug.

Since there were no reviews but the product came from a USFDA-approved facility, Penegra Xpress may be rated 3 out of 5 possible. But, the product is still a good option since it is sure to work based on its content, it’s affordable, and its manufacturer has a good rep, which in turn, makes Penegra Xpress viable enough to try.

  • Brand: Penegra Xpress
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
  • Country of Manufacture: India

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