Www-sildenafil.com Review – Inactive Online Pharmacy with Tiny Footprints Online

Www-sildenafil.com Main Page
Www-sildenafil.com Main Page

Www-sildenafil.com was a store that spotlighted generic sildenafil medications on the website like the web address implies. I came across a basic HTML version of the pharmacy store from 2014 in the archives. The homepage featured a “News” section to the left of product information.

Below the product information, I could see an FAQ tab. That’s where I usually go to look for a store’s policy on the presentation of prescriptions prior to completing an order. This menu, however, was unresponsive when I tried to do so for WWW Sildenafil.

I didn’t catch a glimpse of medicines for conditions other than erectile dysfunction. This may be due to the basic HTML record which I had to work with. It’s clear that ED medications were the main attraction but it’s possible that there were drugs in other categories. It’s equally possible that the website was an erectile dysfunction shop period.

I could, however, note some of the ED medications in stock as I glanced through the homepage. I could see that generic Viagra was sold for as little as 0.69 US dollars per pill, Levitra for as little as 2.00 US dollars per pill, and Cialis for as low as 1.30 US dollars per pill. I couldn’t find anything indicating how payments were made or the shipping methods used after payment was processed.

I also didn’t learn anything about WWW Sildenafil pharmacy’s return policy, cancellation policy, or if it had a money back guarantee.

Www-sildenafil.com Reviews

I was able to find a single review on the home screen. This lone review which I have provided in the image below appears to have been part of a lot of reviews in the “Testimonials” section at the bottom of the page.

Www-sildenafil.com Customer Report
Www-sildenafil.com Customer Report

An anonymous female consumer writing on behalf of her husband and herself confirmed that they had received both parts of an order she placed on www-sildenafil.com. “My husband and I are very satisfied with the product”.

Even though this was the only review, it was good to find it on the seller’s website. Reviews on a vendor’s website are prone to compromise and hyperbole. Be that as it may, it is possible that they are honest. Being able to compare them to third-party reviews which are generally honest and not controlled by the seller could be all the difference between proceeding to checkout or exiting the website. Older assessments are more likely to reveal the problems the administrators may have encountered while the business was in its infancy. Things like the how small the medicine catalog was in the beginning, the payment methods that were previously invalid, or even whether the domain name change.

Www-sildenafil.com Reviews 2017

The latest consumer reviews, on the other hand, discuss the challenges presently faced by an online pharmaceutical vending business. Details about the promptness of customer service, delivery, and product effectiveness are usually embedded in the latest reviews. Since no unaffiliated testimonials are available in 2017, I have made a decision of turning to the analysis on websites like Scamner.com.

Www-sildenafil.com Trust Rate
Www-sildenafil.com Trust Rate

When you use the link provided above you will discover that there is no report for that address as of now. No one ever bothered to look it up. There is a message saying that it seems the website doesn’t exist anymore. It is very rare to get that message about an online pharmacy. What that meant in terms of this review, is that I couldn’t ascertain information on either the www-sildenafil location or the owner country. I couldn’t get a safety score either. Inconclusive. I decided to leave it at that.

Www-sildenafil.com Coupon Codes

The trail of incomplete information didn’t end there. I didn’t know what to make of the apparent unavailability of discounts and extras. Again, as with the FAQs and product catalog, I couldn’t be certain that WWW Sildenafil shop never offered any of those. I do know, from experience, that Internet pharmacy vendors have made a practice of attaching attractive cuts and extras to grow their customer base. Price discounts of a particular percentage of the cost of let’s say, Viagra, could be attached to a customer’s very first buy. Progressive increments to that discount could be attached to every purchase that follows or up to a point. Free tablets and capsules could also be attached to all orders, while free shipping may be granted for surpassing a certain expenditure milestone.


That was one of the strangest experiences I have had writing a review on either an active or inactive Internet pharmacy. Www-sildenafil.com is an equally strange domain name. For starters, I only found a basic HTML version in the archives. The 2014 records were not responsive when I tried to get as much information as I could from the FAQs regarding the prescription policy the store worked with, or when I tried to see if it had curated a catalog that encompassed more than just ED medications. Generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis were the only clearly visible drugs on the home screen. I found nothing that disclosed the kinds of payment methods or shipping services customers availed themselves of. I similarly found a single positive review on the basic HTML home screen. Scamner.com couldn’t generate a report for the website which it noted doesn’t exist anymore. No clues about discounts or bonuses either. Very little information. I am giving www-sildenafil.com 1 out of five stars.

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