Review – Good-Looking Store with a Glut of On-Site Reviews

The domain of suggests that it is a store selling mainly “Viagra” products. It is striking that the shop markets that you can order from it “like it’s Amazon”—not so sure what that meant, but it’s supposed to make clients feel “secure” ordering from this website. Another marketing ploy by this company is the “no prescription” policy of this store, allowing the buyers to have as many stocks of Viagra or similar medications as they want without forwarding prescriptions to

The shop did not offer an “About Us” section anywhere on the shop, but it made sure that the needed details accessible to the buyers. But, the store did not indicate where it operated from or where it ships out its products from.

As for the product offers, the items on were consistent with its name; the store only offered mostly Viagra products and other PDE5 inhibitor drugs (Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil HCl generic alternatives). But, also had other products such as Priligy, Dapoxetine, Modafinil, Modalert, and Sofosbuvir. states that all of these products are approved by the FDA (although which FDA, I do not know), and assures its clients that it is a “first class online pharmacy”, whatever that meant. Prices for the products on were low, but only when bulk purchases are made. For example, per pill of the generic Viagra 100 mg product can cost as low as $0.89 each, but only when purchased in a 200-pill pack. The price for generic Cialis is also $0.89 per pill (for the 20 mg variant), but only when bought in batches of 200 pills.

The shipping of this store is worldwide, but according to, its US shipping takes only a mere 7 days to arrive. Shipping fees cost $39 for the trackable option, while the regular (slower) option costs $29. Free shipping is offered by for clients with purchases of more than $80.

Concerning the payments, the store finds that credit card payments from Visa and Mastercard, Bitcoin, and PayPal acceptable for every purchase. assures its clients of their data security by its SSL security for every transaction. Refunds and reshipments are also guaranteed by if ever clients were dissatisfied with the products or were unable to receive their orders after 21 days. You can’t talk to any representative, though, since the shop does not have its own chat option. You can just email the shop using its chat box and wait for Viabestbuy to respond. Reviews had reviews posted on its website and according to the shop, its reviews are all verified by YOTPO (YOTPO is a user-generated review app which is used by websites for content marketing). The YOTPO reviews are equivalent to third-party reviews (as it is from a third-party service provider), but it is integrated on the website. Testimonial Testimonial had literally thousands of YOTPO-verified reviews and the ones above are only a teeny-tiny part of the reviews as a whole. According to Nate, one buyer, was able to immensely help his “sex life” as the shop was able to provide him the meds he needed for his impotence condition.

As for James Swift from Miami, the whole dosage of the product he ordered from was too strong (gave him sinus problems) so he halved the product for mitigated effect. According to him, the dose worked.

There are still more reviews for (there are 4000+ reviews more) and they were all good to view. However, blogger review websites are not convinced with the integrity of, so the shop was rated 3 stars. Reviews 2016

Although the app YOTPO is reliable (for many), we still have to cross-check the integrity of the reviews shown on Here are some of the analysis site reviews for, for another perspective: Safety Information Safety Information is one of the websites known for analyzing store integrity by their domain histories. I was expecting a good result for, but instead, ripped apart by giving it a 0/100 rating. According to the result of analysis, did not have an SSL certificate (contrary to what the shop is advertising) and that the store is too young (aged only a year). This doesn’t make sense because the shop apparently had thousands of reviews (unless it is super popular and had at least 10 reviews during its past year of operation). Without Feedback Without Feedback

The result from was consistent with the findings of—the store was determined as a “new site without feedback” which means that the shop did not yet have an established online credibility, which makes it a bit hard to trust. Coupon Codes

There are actually several offers available on First off, the store offers free shipping on all orders exceeding $80 (free regular shipping) and $150 (free expedited shipping). Another offer from the store was this Bitcoin promotional offer, where buyers are given an additional 25% discount when the orders are paid for using Bitcoin. Bitcoin Discount Bitcoin Discount

Besides these sweet deals, also offers the coupon code USD20 for first-time buyers; this entitles the clients for an additional $20 off their purchases. Second timers, on the other hand, are entitled to a $25 discount.

Conclusion seems to be a good online shop to buy meds from, but since its glut of reviews and its short online operations do not add up to the credibility portfolio, I am only giving this store 3 out of 5. The shop had reasonable prices, and yes, the store looked great, but I am not too sure of its integrity as an online store even with its YOTPO reviews. I, therefore, recommend this store for the brave, because no other third-party review exists for this store.

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