Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Review – Ireland-Based Internet Pharmacy Is Now Defunct

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Unitedpharmacies-uk.com is a defunct Internet pharmacy that used to be known as United Pharmacies UK. I found out about this when I glanced through the homepage in the archives. This UK-based online seller of affordable generic and brand name medicines began sales and distribution in 1998.

“About Us” revealed that the company is based in Oceania even though the website is based in the UK. I learned in the FAQs that the laws in that territory permit importation of non-controlled medications into a number of countries for personal use depending on the laws locally. That means prescriptions aren’t required for purchase.

On the home screen, there was a list of categories including antiretrovirals, antidepressants, diabetes medications, heart disease medications, hormone replacement therapy, Men’s health, Women’s health, and general care products. There was also a category dedicated to generics, one for nootropics, and another for pet products.

In the men’s category, I found Brand Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil). I also saw generic Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. 4 tabs of 20 milligrams Cialis cost £63.99 or $82.73 and four tablets of 20 milligrams Levitra cost £45.99 or $59.47. Payments were made by both Credit Cards and Wire Transfer. £5 standard airmail and £20 express shipping via EMS was available for delivery.

Unitedpharmacies-UK accepted returns for understandable reasons and also offered refunds.

Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Reviews

After digesting that information, I started to look for reviews of Unitedpharmacies-uk.com on the pages of the pharmacy store. My efforts were wasted as I didn’t come across a single review on those pages. It was relieving, however, to find reviews unattached to the store. What you see below is an excerpt of that information from eroids.com.

Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Feedback
Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Feedback

One review by Shaftie97 was written three years ago. He shared that he had placed orders in the store three times in a row. “All three times my order arrived, intact and correct”. He broke his assessment down into four key areas. He described the communication and ordering process as “almost excellent” noting that the response to emails takes a while. He had no specific complaints concerning delivery and packaging. He was able to find medicines for sleep disorders and therapies for obesity. He was satisfied with the product effectiveness and experience. “All the products have been excellent and have worked exactly as advertised.

A reviewer who chose to be known as “In the Know” started his review with the caps lock on. He urged readers to not give money to criminals. He said that there had been reports of Card fraud on the website. This reviewer admitted that the vendor was trustworthy years ago but disclosed that the medicines shipped as of writing were fake.

It was nice to see reviews on an unaffiliated website. All these two reviews did, however, was put a checkmark in the positive column and another in the negative column.

Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Reviews 2017

As the most recent client reviews are absent, it was evident that I needed a tiebreaker. For that, I visited two credible online scam detectives for advice. They both performed analyses that revealed a great deal more about Unitedpharmacies-uk.com. You can look it up using the links below.

Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Trust Rating
Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Trust Rating

The first website, Scamadviser.com, confirmed that the website changed its domain name to Unitedpharmacies-uk.com about 6 years ago. It noted that Ireland was the pharmacy’s online location in the UK but suggested that it may have sprung from the Bahamas. The report rounded up by giving it a Low Trust rating.

Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Safety Level
Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Safety Level

Scamner.com disclosed that the domain expired two years ago. It gave the store in terms of trustworthiness a score of 65% and a total rating of 17%. It also featured a review by an anonymous user from 2 years ago who praised the fast service and mailing. That user felt it was genuine.

Unitedpharmacies-uk.com Coupon Codes

I didn’t get to read about any price discounts or shopping bonuses while I was on the website in the archives. Including a variety of either shopping bonuses or discounts or both in one form or the other is common practice. A 15% discount off the price on all first orders and larger discounts on the next orders could be included. Free tablets or capsules to go with every order is also a common customer incentive. Another customer favorite on Internet pharmacy stores is free shipping on large orders that go beyond a fixed price total. To improve the customer experience, stores have made discount codes available for loyal customers and provided the capability of completing transactions with Gift Vouchers and Certificates.


I have come to learn that this Ireland-based pharmacy is affiliated with a company based in Oceania. This pharmacy store, now defunct, began selling Brand name and generic drugs in 1998. Prescriptions were not a requirement for purchase. The food and drug administration laws in individual countries, however, had to be observed. The number of the kinds of medicines offered on the store was admirable. The “Men’s Health” category had Brand Cialis and Brand Levitra in addition to generic Sildenafil. Wire transfers Credit Cards were accepted for transactions. There were no assessments by customers on the seller’s website but there were independently written verdicts from scam detecting websites. The accounts they gave conflicted with one another. Unitedpharmacies-uk.com was given a Low Trust rating by Scamadviser.com and Scamner gave it a 17% rating. I am giving Unitedpharmacies-uk.com a 3-star rating since its customers have not spoken to prove the vendor’s credibility.

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