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Trust Pharmacy Home
Trust Pharmacy Home

Trust Pharmacy is a legitimate online pharmacy site that offers customers a great selection of pharmaceutical products for all needs and uses. It sells various branded drugs that are divided among its many drug categories. But its products are not limited to branded medicines since its specialty is selling effective and affordable generic meds that give the customers the exact same results that they get from the brand-name medications. The generic meds that Trust Pharmacy sells are much cheaper than their branded counterparts but the branded medicines that it has are a steal compared to the meds sold by local drugstores.

All of the products that it sells have been meticulously checked and inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to guarantee the safety of the people that will be using them. Stringent quality tests have been done on these products to make sure that they pass the safety standards required of them. The medicines of Trust Pharmacy, be it the brand-name meds or their generics, are sourced only from pharma companies whose manufacturing plants are GMP-certified.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Because of the excellent medicines and great service that they provide, many customers have provided reviews that will encourage other potential customers to have the same exceptional experience that they had. Below are some of those reviews coming from Trust Pharmacy’s customers:

“Excellent service…Good prices and great value for money.” – Dorothy from Andorra

What amazed Dorothy in her experience with purchasing her meds from Trust Pharmacy is the service that she has been given by the customer support personnel. She did not specify what her concern was whether it’s about the products or if she needed help with the process of ordering but she was happy that it was dealt with very efficiently. The prices of the products are also one thing that caught her attention. She managed to get the value for her money by getting her meds here because of the very low prices. Other pharmacies don’t have this kind of pricing with their drugs but Trust Pharmacy is different, putting customers over profit.

“They ship very speedy and keep you informed as to the day to day progress of shipping. I’ve used them for several years and I’m always very pleased. Very honest, great site.” – Samuel from France

If Dorothy is happy with the customer service that she has received and the low prices of the medicines, Samuel from France is pleased with the prompt delivery of his purchases. He described the shipping process as “speedy” and on top of that, he received constant updates from the customer support team concerning the status of his parcel. He also mentioned that he has already been using Trust Pharmacy for several years and never once has it failed to deliver. Samuel is also happy with the honesty and integrity of the site, befitting its name which is Trust Pharmacy.

Very pleased with shipment and customer service. Will place re-order very soon.” – Piter from Italy

The review that Piter gave was the combination of the first two client reviews given by the first two customers. He is both pleased with the great service that he has received and the quick shipping of the meds that he has ordered. Because of this remarkable experience that he had, Piter would be re-ordering medicines really soon from Trust Pharmacy.

Trust Pharmacy Online

Customers may be a little confused the first time in seeing two different domains have the same exact page of Trust Pharmacy. This is actually normal since Trust Pharmacy is a network composed of different domains that use the exact same and interface. This is to be able to reach out to more customers worldwide.

Trust Pharmacy ( Website
Trust Pharmacy ( Website

The domains may be different but the prices that they have are the exact same prices at all Trust Pharmacy sites. The range of pharmaceutical products as well are the same and the products that they will be finding on its other domains are the same for all.

Trust Pharmacy ( Website
Trust Pharmacy ( Website

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Like other online drugstores, Trust Pharmacy also offers coupon codes that help customers get their medicines at much cheaper prices. These coupon codes are used on the checkout page and it will apply a certain discount percentage on the customer’s orders.

Coupon Code Samples
Coupon Code Samples

Buyers can get discounts that could even reach for up to 90% off of their total purchases depending on the coupon code that they will find. Getting coupon codes is not that hard since customers would only need to search for them at Trust Pharmacy’s affiliate websites.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

No need for customers to be alarmed, confused, or worried since the hotlines provided on its site is still the same customer service hotline in the UK (+4-420-3239-7092) and in the US (+1-718-487-9792). The hotline caters to the queries and other concerns of the customers about Trust Pharmacy and its products. The same is also true for emailing them. When customers send their questions or suggestions in using the forms that are provided on its Contact Us page, the same email team will be responding to their message.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Trust Pharmacy would never send spam emails or bother its customers by repeated calling. This is clearly the work of fake pharmacies that are looking for customers to steal from. All the information given by the customers to its site are kept confidential and Trust Pharmacy would never use them to bother their customers or bombard them with countless emails. Trust Pharmacy respects its customer’s privacy and would not establish contact or correspondence unless requested by the client.


Trust Pharmacy is indeed the network of reliable e-pharmacies that it claims itself to be. It is a reliable online drugstore where customers will find the meds that they need all at very cheap prices. Not only are these meds affordable but they are also approved by the FDA, sourced only from pharmaceutical companies whose manufacturing plants are certified to be adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Overall, a score of 5 out of 5 for Trust Pharmacy.

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