Trust Pharmacy Review – A 5-Star Pharmacy Network with over 1,000,000 Satisfied Customers

Although it is becoming harder to find a pharmacy network that you can trust owing this to the larger number of fake drugstore networks, Trust Pharmacy is one of the few online med store networks that you can trust. This network has been in business for a period that exceeds one decade and a half. This is a period that fake pharmacy network cannot manage to survive. Further evidence that proves Trust Pharmacy network is legit is the approval they have already received from CIPA, MIPA, and Pharmacy Checker. People usually love Trust Pharmacy because this is a store that offers 100% satisfaction to all their customers, deliver medications on time, offers low prices, and keeps the consumer information secure.

Why Consumers Love Trust Pharmacy
Why Consumers Love Trust Pharmacy

All the pharmacies operating under the Trust Pharmacy network usually utilize one license that belongs to the Canadian Pharmacy Limited. This is the company that utilizes the numerous domain addresses under the Trust Pharmacy network to bring in more customers. The domain addresses only help in the collection of orders. These orders are relayed to the Canadian Pharmacy Limited headquarters where they get processed by a group of qualified pharmacists.

It is not easy to determine a scammer especially when that scammer has duplicated the look of an online pharmacy network that is popular with over a million people. This is what scammers are doing. For this reason, people are advised to avoid using sites sitting on random domain addresses even if they happen to recognize the appearance of the online drug stores.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

In order to prove to you that Trust Pharmacy network focuses on offering value, we have searched and located the reviews left behind by previous network uses. The common thing in the reviews is that they are all positive. Here are some of them:

Trust Pharmacy Customer Reviews
Trust Pharmacy Customer Reviews

One of the reviewers is happy since there are much savings to be derived when you are shopping for your meds using the drug stores in the Trust Pharmacy network. On top of the low prices, the store network usually throws in some additional pills as a bonus with every order that he makes.

Jessica was able to locate her meds on the Trust Pharmacy network. The price at which the meds were being sold favored her. Although David lives all the way in Germany and the Canadian pharmacy limited which runs that the Trust Pharmacy network is located in Canada, his meds arrived on time and they worked pretty well.

Trust Pharmacy Online

It is very rare to find a pharmacy that stocks herbal meds, supplements, brand and generic drugs, over the counter medication, and prescription meds at the same time. What is even harder is to locate an online pharmacy that helps you get your prescription meds without a professional prescription script from a doctor. However, with Trust Pharmacy network, you will have the ability to achieve all this.

Trust Pharmacy Homepage
Trust Pharmacy Homepage

This pharmacy network offers the most thoughtful medication prices. For example, a pill of the brand Viagra you would have to pay 70 dollars in the local stores for will cost you less than $3. The fact that buyers are only required to pay using credit cards keeps your money safe. Even if your credit card gets charged, you can dispute the charges and get your money back in the future.

Privacy and security for users are achieved by using a checkout server that has been encrypted using the 256-bit security protocol. Your medications will be sent to you in a package that looks like it is carrying a gift. Nothing personal will be showing. There will be no medication names or the prices. The Trust Pharmacy network ensures that the names medications you pay for never appear on your credit card statement. Trust pharmacy looks simple but that should not be interpreted to mean that the medications the store carries are also simple. The store network carries meds for almost every illness. They have hundreds of drugs in the catalog.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

The fact that you may search online and not find a coupon code for the trust pharmacy network does not mean that you will not have a chance to save money when purchasing your meds from the network. Other savings are available. A good example is the following automatic discount:

Trust Pharmacy 10% Automatic Discount
Trust Pharmacy 10% Automatic Discount

You will become eligible for this discount as long as you have purchased drugs which are worth more than 200 dollars. Those two hundred dollars will also buy you free shipping. With every order, you will get to take home some free pills as a bonus. The more the number of pills you buy at once, the lesser you have to pay for each pill.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

A pharmacy network that makes it as easy as possible for their customers to contact them is one that can be trusted. Both the numbers that you can use to contact the Trust Pharmacy network are displayed at the top of each of their pages. The numbers are +1-718-487-9792 (US) and +4420-3239-7092 (UK). Emails can be sent to the pharmacy network via the contact form added to their contact page.

Trust Pharmacy Spams and Phone Calls

A common complaint on the web is that people get spam phone calls and emails immediately after buying from a pharmacy network. This is not the case with Trust Pharmacy. There is no one saying that he or she was spammed by the pharmacy network.


The rating that we give Trust Pharmacy network is 5 points out of 5. We highly recommend this online drugstore network given that it has never spammed anyone and it only has positive consumer comments. However, we would like to encourage consumers to watch out for the scammer sites that replicate the Trust Pharmacy network sites look. Make sure that the domain address you have used is investigated and approved by people who know how pharmacy networks operate.

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