Texaschemist Review – A Online Network of Pharmacies Offering Cheap Generics

Texaschemist is one of the many pharmacy networks that exist on the web. This online pharmacy network was established over a decade ago. Its headquarters are located in the United States where they also stock the medication that they distributes to their buyers who are from different parts of the world. The pharmacy network delivery although it is expensive, it is unique since the customers usually receive their drugs in a period that does not exceed 7 days. The majority of the people who have written reviews about Texaschemist pharmacies indicate that they have received their meds in about 2 to 3 days.

This company that operates the Texaschemist network has different web addresses which have been configured in such a way that they all load one core website. The major function of these domain address is to make sure that they catch as many customers as possible. The processing for all the orders which originate from all these addresses takes place at a central position. It is good to be overly cautious when you are dealing with network pharmacies. The genuine network pharmacies are usually legitimate and they sell real meds and deliver them on time. What you have to watch out for is the scammers who use the popular look of the network pharmacy websites to steal from people. Use verified domain addresses to load your network pharmacy to avoid getting ripped off your hard-earned money.

Texaschemist Reviews

Since reviews usually originate from real people and it is not text that has just been written by online net work pharmacy owners looking to entice you to buy from them, they are the best way to decide whether a pharmacy network is worth your time and money or not. Here are some reviews of the Texaschemist drugstore network:

Testimonials for Texaschemist Pharmacy Network
Testimonials for Texaschemist Pharmacy Network

It appears that Texaschemist pharmacies usually deliver quality medication that works. Stewart received one of the products from the pharmacy. He tested it out and he reports that his date was satisfied. He says that the product he received was life-changing. The medication is affordable and hence he is able to save some of his dollars.

Glenn says that he took his 30 tablets without any issues. The medication was great. The pills are among the great generic Viagra pills that he has used so far. David states that the pharmacy he dealt with was superb and it was true to its word.

Texaschemist Online

The medications available on the Texaschemist pharmacy websites are only generic medications. The store usually gets the meds from pharmaceutical companies located in India. They then stock these meds in the United States. Once an order is made, they will ship the meds from the united states. The pharmacy states that their customer satisfaction is the main thing they aim to achieve. We can confirm that they usually do this. Although search engines usually help people get access to a lot of information quite easily, it is not the best place to find the websites which belong to the Texaschemist pharmacy network. Before using any pharmacy network, you need to be sure that the domain address you are using is 100% correct. Scammers who replicate network website looks usually use search engines to trick unsuspecting people. A website that belongs to the Texaschemist network will look exactly as follows:

Texaschemist Homepage
Texaschemist Homepage

The page header will feature an American flag as the background. It will have the title Texaschemist, their toll-free telephone number, an online chat option and your cart and check out option at the very top. You will see the full catalog on your left-hand side and the best selling meds.

The pharmacy network accepts four methods of payment. These are the Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Bitcoin. When you click the checkout button, you are taken to a secure page where you make your payment using any one of these methods. The method that we recommend is the credit card since it allows you to avoid getting conned. You can dispute your charges.

Texaschemist Coupon Codes

Although you will not find coupon codes online to use when you are shopping at any of the Texaschemist pharmacies, you will still get a chance to save your money. This you will do when you buy your drugs in bulk since the price per pill will reduce. Repeat clients are also offered special discounts as follows:

Texaschemist Discounts
Texaschemist Discounts

For people who enjoy shopping for the first time and decide they will shop one more time, they will receive a 5% discount. For loyal customers who have shopped for at least 3 times, they will get a 7% discount. Shipping charges are waived when your orders exceed 200 dollars.

Texaschemist Phone Numbers

Texaschemist pharmacies only have one phone number which is +1-702-965-3395. When you call using this number, you will not be charged anything. The number is toll-free. You can start a live support online on the website. You can send an email through the contact page.

Texaschemist Spam and Phone Calls

Texaschemist pharmacies indicate that they will take any necessary step to ensure that they protect your data. They indicate that they will never spam they customers. They even encourage their customers to report any cases of spamming. We confirmed that the pharmacy network is not involved in spamming actions. There are no spam reports available anywhere online.


Texaschemist med store network deserves to receive a 5-star rating. After being in business for over a decade and serving thousands of customers from different nationalities, the pharmacies don’t have any negative reviews. Their previous customers claim that their drugs were delivered on time and they received exactly what they had ordered. These people report that they received awesome support from the customer support department. The pharmacy allows their customers to pay using credit cards. This is safer since they gain the ability to cancel the payment if anything wrong happens and they don’t receive their package.

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