Review – Germany-Based Online Vendor Operated Under Aliases Main Page Main Page is a domain name, currently up for sale, which was the web address of a Germany-based online pharmacy. Sisters Pharmacy, on the home screen, cast itself as a convenient, safe and private source for FDA-approved prescription medications. I learned the pharmacy store started its operations more than 13 years ago.

For more information, I made my way to the FAQs. There, I learned that placing an order on Sisters Pharmacy required patients to fill out an online questionnaire to provide information relevant to their medical condition. After submitting the questionnaire, a US-licensed physician contacted with Sisters Pharmacy will approve and forward the prescription to an affiliate pharmacy.

A list of Sisters Pharmacy categories lines the left side of the home screen. I found muscle relaxants, medications for stress and anxiety, medications for gastrointestinal health, and pain relief medicines. There were also medications for sexual health, as well as a women’s health category and a “Men’s Health” category.

I could see Propecia for male pattern hair loss, Viagra, and Levitra listed under men’s health. The product pages for Viagra and Levitra showed that the price for 20 tablets of 20mg Levitra was $249 and the price for 30 tablets of 100mg Viagra was $319. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express were the accepted Credit Cards. PayPal was also an option. FedEx Next Day Air, FedEx 2nd Day Air, and FedEx 3-Day Express were the available shipping options. didn’t ship medications outside the US and didn’t accept returned prescription medications due to Federal law. Reviews

The copy of in the archives didn’t have any reviews on the site. I wanted to see what I could learn from those reviews. It’s usually the case that on-site reviews are effusive and flattering. Be that as it may, comparing those favorable reviews with reliable assessments elsewhere on the Internet could be revealing. I found neither early nor recent reviews. That means I didn’t get to learn about the customers’ viewpoint on what business looked like while the website was running, what could have led to the pharmacy exiting the market, or perhaps if they have moved to another domain name. I had to do a search on a search engine to confirm that Sisters Pharmacy hadn’t move somewhere else on the Internet. Reviews 2017

No records for Sisters Pharmacy reviews were discovered for the year of 2017. My search led me to a report from 2005 on that accused the site of operating under aliases and scamming the buying public. Next, I had to see what I could glean from Scam Detectives. I have attached the links to the analyses by and on Website Could Be Unsafe Website Could Be Unsafe affirmed that Sisters Pharmacy website was created thirteen years ago. The registered email and phone number were Canadian, while the website location was confirmed to bein Germany. Scamadviser found a Malware report and noted that it had been listed as a Rogue pharmacy. Safety Level Safety Level

The analysis on took issue with the lack of a Secure Socket Layer Certificate or any trust records. It corroborated Scamadviser’s inability to ascertain the pharmacy’s country of origin, similarly concluding that a service had been employed to hide that information. The website gave Sisters Pharmacy vendor a 0% rating. Coupon Codes

At this point, I had barely seen anything positive about I had to wait until I attempted to trace out any discounts or bonuses the pharmacy used to offer. The picture below is an excerpt from the archives. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

3 Day FedEx Express was free on all purchases. That is one of the best bonuses I have come across in online pharmacies. Be that as it may, no other discounts or bonuses were apparent. Some pharmacy vendors give discounts of a percentage off the original price for first purchases. Percentage discounts may also exist for returning customers up to a limit. Free shipping on other pharmacy website offer is not as generous. They exist for orders crossing a certain price threshold. More and more vendors are gravitating towards discount coupon codes as well. All of these are provided for the utmost customer satisfaction.


The domain name,, is up for sale. It used to be the home of a Germany-based online pharmacy of the same name. At its founding some thirteen years ago, the pharmacy set a goal of providing generic and Brand name medicines at the lowest prices possible. Prior to ordering medicines, buyers were required to fill out a medical questionnaire which was subsequently subjected to the scrutiny of a US-licensed doctor. The “Men’s Health” category had Viagra and Levitra as the only erectile dysfunction medicines. In the version of the site in the archives, I couldn’t find any user appraisals. Outside the site, I had the opportunity of reading through a review on It was a scathing rebuke of the pharmacy for operating under aliases and cheating customers out of their money. Scamner and Scamadviser were united in denouncing the website. The only bright spot was the free shipping Sisters Pharmacy offered. I rate 1 star out of 5.

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