Review – Rogue Canadian Generics Vendor Is Offline Main Page Main Page was formed to save the time and money of patients by, as the web address suggests, providing a secure and private e-commerce channel to circulate medicines of the best quality at the lowest available prices. I discovered that the web address for this Canadian online pharmacy is offline. SecureGenericPills had been in business from 2004 till last year.

The FAQ menu is where I got a lot of answers to most of the questions I was interested in. First, I learned that never once mandated its customers to fill in their prescriptions online. The vendor strongly recommended, however, that customers see their doctors for the information that is usually in prescriptions before buying.

This Canadian online pharmacy had a showroom full of medicines for blood pressure, medicines for asthma, medicines for diabetes, medicines for cholesterol lowering, medicines for heart disease, medicines for erectile dysfunction, medicines for general men’s health, and medicines for general women’s health. I also noticed that there were herbal therapies and OTC products as well.

I immediately navigated to the erectile dysfunction menu in the archives. While I was there, I found Pfizer’s Viagra, Bayer’s Levitra, and Lilly’s Cialis. 48 tabs of 100mg Viagra cost 196.39 USD, 96 pills of 20mg Levitra cost 422.14 USD, and 120 pills of 20mg Cialis cost 501.96 USD. Visa, AmEx and eCheck were approved for payments. In the “Policy” section, under “Shipping Policy”, I learned that $20 EMS courier delivery and $10 airmail were available for worldwide service.

In cases of defective, damaged, or incorrect shipment, Secure Generic Pills store offered to resend products or refund payments. Reviews

I managed to find a substantial amount of user reviews for on the “Testimonials” tab. The reviews you see below were culled from that page in the archives. They are all positive in their assessments of the store’s reputation. Testimonials Testimonials

John, from Sweden, related in his review how he was initially skeptical about purchasing his prescription medications from an online pharmacy. He went ahead and ordered from this pharmacy and was pleased to tell us that it was a good experience. His medications were delivered, he wasn’t scammed, and the meds were effective.

Another reviewer named Nathan wrote from the United Kingdom. He wrote about an order he placed that was shipped within seven days. He was greatly impressed by the service and proceeded to assure the vendor that he would contact them whenever he needed medications in the future. He promised to spread the word about the service.

Eric, who lived in Spain, returned home from a long road trip to find his order “safe and secure, right on schedule, with a 4 pill bonus”. He found a “thank you” note along with the order and reciprocated by thanking for their generosity and professionalism. He was “a bit wary of ordering from an online pharmacy, especially overseas”. He ended up extremely happy with the service and the product. He also promised to return.

I think it’s good to see reviews on a seller’s website. In spite of that, it is better to approach the assessments, which are almost always positive, with the possibility of bias in mind. My search for independently written reviews revealed that the reviews I provided above were posted word for word on other websites. It was appalling to see such fraud in the pharmaceutical vending business. Reviews 2017

With the absence of authentic client reviews, not controlled or owned by the seller, I had to opt and review from the perspective of scam analyzing websites. I, therefore, sought the perspectives of both and I have attached the screenshots below. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scamadviser produced a report that revealed that the domain name has been bought. It hasn’t been up to a year since the purchase. The current owner appears to be based in China and is using a Domain Identity Shield to block identification. It concluded that the current website may be operating from a high-risk country and that the setup involves countries known to be high risk. It also found a Malware report. It called the domain suspicious. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

Legitscript concluded that is a Rogue Internet pharmacy website. It confirmed that the domain was registered in Hong Kong, China and was registered less than a year ago. Coupon Codes

In the archives, I could pick out some bonus offers and some discount offers. I have attached a couple of them in the screen grab you can see below. Special Offers Special Offers

The store offered a time-limited bonus of Viagra pills for free with every order. There was an offer of free shipping on all orders above 200 US dollars. In addition to those two, there was a category labeled “Special Offer” in which there were so-called “Erection Packs” and “Trial Erection Packs”. These were packs of a mixture of generic Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. The offers are quite similar to what is obtainable on the pages of other online pharmacies.

Conclusion started its operations in 2004. Those operations were centered on creating a safe and personalized channel, through which prescription medications of the highest quality could be bought at the lowest prices available. While it was online, it placed little to no emphasis on patients providing prescription information before processing and order. It used to have an erectile dysfunction category which was separated from the “Men’s Health” category. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis were stocked consistently. Airmail and EMS were the choices for shipping. I came to understand that the reviews which Secure Generic Pills store posted on its website were copied word for word from another website. Legitscript and Scamadviser revealed that the domain currently has a Chinese owner. Legitscript called it a Rogue Internet pharmacy. I rate 1 out of five stars.

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