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The store Reliable Rx Pharmacy ( is a distributor of Indian generic medications from the brands Cipla, Sun Pharma, Ajanta, Intas, and Torrent Pharma, but it is also known to sell brands such as Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Buyers can come to Reliable Rx Pharmacy for its good prices on generic drugs and for the “reliability” factor of the products as they are sourced from FDA-approved sources alone.

This online store, Reliable Rx Pharmacy is located in India but it is capable of supplying medications to buyers from various global locations. Unlike other online drugstores, though, Reliable Rx Pharmacy asks its clients for their valid prescriptions in order for their orders to be processed. The Rx for the meds may be sent via email or may be faxed to Reliable Rx Pharmacy’s contact number.

You can shop for a variety of medications on Reliable Rx Pharmacy. There is a long list of products available on Reliable Rx and they include medicines for eye care, gastrointestinal health, hair loss, heart disease, blood pressure, circulation, liver care, cancer, infertility, and a lot more (the list is a bit extensive). However, buyers commonly shop erectile dysfunction meds in this store due to the good deals offered by Reliable Rx Pharmacy. There is a mélange of generic Sildenafil products which are mostly from Indian brands; Suhagra 100 mg from Cipla is sold at $8 for 4 pills (but the product comes with 4 free pills). Generic Tadalafil is also available on Reliable Rx Pharmacy and an example of the price is $14.40 for 4 tablets of the 20 mg Tadacip from Sun Pharma. Apart from these mentioned brands, there are still numerous drug listings for the famous PDE5 inhibitor drugs.

VISA and other credit cards can be used for payment, but Reliable Rx Pharmacy also accepts e-check payments from its buyers. Delivery is a flat $25 regardless of order size or parcel destination. On product return concerns, buyers are not allowed to have their drugs returned due to international restrictions. Refunds and reshipments were also topics left untouched by Reliable Rx Pharmacy’s policies.

Chat is available, so you can virtually talk to Reliable Rx Pharmacy’s representatives. The one who entertained me seemed friendly and accommodating. Apart from this function, buyers can also reach Reliable Rx Pharmacy via its posted phone numbers and also via the email section found in the store. Online Chat Online Chat Reviews

I found Reliable Rx Pharmacy more impressive than most of its online counterparts due to the existence of bountiful third-party reviews for this web pharmacy. Customers Rating Customers Rating

The shop had an astounding 1,011 reviews on one web platform alone. Overall, the store had 98% of its consumers giving it a rating of average to excellent (3 to 5 points out of 5) and only had 2% of its consumers with a poor or bad rating for the company. Examples of the Reliable Rx Pharmacy reviews are the following: Customers Feedback Customers Feedback

Most of the customers of the shop Reliable Rx Pharmacy have verified orders. Elyse, one of the buyers with a verified order from the store, gave the shop a rating of 4 out of 5 because of its excellent products and prices. She rated the store 4 out of 5 because her order took weeks to arrive. Testimonial Testimonial

Peggy, on the other hand, rated the shop 5 out of 5 because of the huge savings she had from shopping at the Reliable Rx Pharmacy store. According to her, the meds she got from the store were only tenth the US pharmacy price of the same products. Reviews 2017

Recent feedbacks were posted for a number of products on Reliable Rx Pharmacy. There were mixed reviews concerning the products; some gave 2 stars out of 5, but some gave excellent notes for the products. All in all, though, customers with excellent reviews for the shop Reliable Rx Pharmacy outnumber the poor ratings.

Mike posted on February 2017 and related that the Tadacip he bought from Reliable Rx Pharmacy took too long to take effect. There was no comment concerning Reliable Rx Pharmacy’s performance. Consumer Reports in 2017 Consumer Reports in 2017

On the other hand, reviews from buyers Sebastian and Mark gave 5 and 4 stars, respectively. They were ultimately happy with their purchase and stated that the drug worked marvelously for their condition, Mark even mentioned that he did not have side effects as a result of the medication use. Coupon Codes

Voucher codes were unavailable for Reliable Rx Pharmacy but the buyers are offered value packs for some of the products in the store. For some products, there are also offers of “double pills”, such as this offer for Penegra: Free Tablets Offer Free Tablets Offer

Penegra is only one of’s products with an offer of double pills on every purchase. Provided that can indeed deliver, buyers can save more in cost when buying products since they get double the value for their money.

Conclusion had great prices for its products and offers double pills for its erectile dysfunction products. It is tempting to buy from the store given its good deals and more than a thousand reviews—that’s why I am conferring with a high score of 5 out of 5. This shop is definitely a recommendable place to purchase meds from.

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