Puretablets.com Review – Threat-Listed Store without External Feedback

Puretablets.com Main Page
Puretablets.com Main Page

Online drugstores have various specialties when it comes to their products. This particular store, Puretablets.com has its focus on selling men’s health treatments (although it sells products from other therapeutic areas) and mostly from Indian-made drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED) such as Kamagra, Caverta, Suhagra, and others. Besides erectile dysfunction, Puretablets.com is also selling products for hair loss, skin care, acne, weight loss, and women’s health.

Since the focus of the store is the drugs for ED, buyers can expect affordable prices for these products. For instance, the store sells generic Sildenafil Citrate for a low price of $36 for 10 pills of the 100 mg type ($3.60 per pill). The other famous drug, Tadalafil for ED (generic) is also sold by Puretablets.com at an affordable price; generic Tadalafil tablets are sold at $38.50 for 10 tablets for the 20 mg variant. Buyers can choose their preferred Indian brands, as they can choose which brands suit them the most.

Puretablets.com did not have their location published on their site and there is also no information concerning the date when the store’s beginning of operations. However, Puretablets.com provided information concerning the payments for the products (Puretablets.com only accepts VISA and VISA Electron) and has RapidSSL to protect credit card transactions transpiring on the web store.

There are two shipping options for clients who are interested in buying the products, although there is a default recommendation for the shipping option (International Shipping is the default for most orders). Buyers are charged $20 for the international shipping; however, there is also no price listing for the expedited shipping option (faster shipping).

Buyers can freely purchase medications from Puretablets.com without any prescription, but Puretablets.com requires that buyers be 18 years and up before they are allowed any purchase from the store. You can contact Puretablets.com using the numbers provided on the website, but they can also use the email function provided by the store.

Puretablets.com Reviews

We were not able to locate reviews from external sources, but there were buyer feedbacks available on Puretablets.com, although we can’t be too sure concerning the authenticity of these comments. However, let us still take a look at the available buyer reviews posted on the site:

Puretablets.com Consumer Reports
Puretablets.com Consumer Reports

These are only some of the examples of the buyer reviews on Pure Tablets. David Fortle from Minnesota mentioned that his order arrived and he thanked Puretablets.com. He did not expound his comment, but his thank you note is a testament that he was well-pleased with his purchase.

Isabella also thanked Puretablets.com for its quality and cheap products. According to her statement, she and her family were able to save a huge amount ($300) on medical purchases (Accutane specifically and generic Finasteride). She also thanks Puretablets.com for the generic recommendations for her meds, as she was able to save more due to the switch to the generics.

A UK-based client, John B. Luton, was also grateful for the swift delivery of his items. He is also especially thankful for the discreet shipping of his items, as Puretablets.com is able to ship the items without labels and without any clue concerning the contents.

Puretablets.com 2016 Reviews

Puretablets.com in Threat List
Puretablets.com in Threat List

Since there were no external reviews available for Puretablets.com, let us take a look at the store’s status based on the assessment of other websites such as Scamadviser.com:

Puretablets.com is rated 59% out of 100 and was declared as a threat listed website due to malware occurrences related to Puretablets.com’s use. Apart from being declared as threat-listed and with malware advisories, Puretablets.com is also noted as a pharmacy with a “rogue” status.

Puretablets.com Coupon Codes

Puretablets.com Free Shipping Offer
Puretablets.com Free Shipping Offer

Puretablets.com is shy of coupon codes although it has a semi-promotional offer. Puretablets.com is offering free shipping for buyers with orders of more than $200 in total. This equates to a $20 worth of savings, as the default bill for Pure Tablets’ shipping fee regardless of location is $20.

Concerning other discounts, however, there were no other promotional offerings stated on Pure Tablets’ site, but since the products’ prices are average, buyers can be assured that they are getting good prices out of Puretablets.com. It is still preferable, though, if Pure Tablets had discount offers and voucher codes as those bargain offers are popular with buyers and might have increased Pure Tablets’ sales.


Pure Tablets is a hub of various drugs, but the focus of the store is the sale of erectile dysfunction medicines. Most of the products found on Pure Tablets are impotence medications from manufacturers based in India (which are all approved by the Indian FDA) and there were no brand-name drugs listed on the web store such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

Regarding the ED meds’ prices, Puretablets.com does not offer super cheap prices. The cost of the products is considerable, but there are online stores offering greater discounts than Pure Tablets.

Reviews available were only those native to the store and as expected, all of the comments for Pure Tablets’ service are good. These user feedbacks are nice to read, but they are not entirely reliable. As for Scam Adviser’s rating, Puretablets.com is branded as “threat listed” and was detected to have nefarious affiliations.

We can’t approve of online stores with no reliable references, so we can only give Puretablets.com 2 out of 5 and not endorse the store to other buyers.

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