Review – Shut Down Pharmacy with Good Customer Reviews Main Page Main Page has been shut down since 2009, as specified on their site. The pharmaceutical website doesn’t appeal me from the very first look as the site’s overall layout and the way they had represented information on the site was not very pleasing. For instance, usually, the main information the customers search for like the company’s policies or the FAQ section is displayed in the form of tabs that redirect to a new page. In the case of, I stared at the website for a whole minute to figure out where the tabs are and found the information down in the sidebar making it difficult for me navigating through the site. There is no mention of where the site used to operate from.

The pharmacy sells a limited assortment of drugs but the site does not mention a lot of required information as if these drugs are approved by any regulatory authority like FDA or not. The medications they sell include relaxants, skin care, hair, different types of steroids, Weight Loss, Anti-Estrogens etc. To my interest, I looked for the price of Viagra sold by the site, which I found to be quite expensive. The price of a pack of 4 pills of Viagra has a price of 57.81 USD i.e. around 14.5 USD per 100mg pill of Viagra.

The payment methods allowed by the company is payments using Western Union Money Transfer, Wire Transfer – Direct Bank Transfer and MoneyGram Money Transfer. On the other hand, shipping can be done through registered post, registered priority Air Mail and Courier Service. The cost to get your package shipped is 30 Euros (almost 35 USD). The website, however, does not specify the refund or cancellation policy clearly.

There is a link to the Contact Us page which the users can use to get information from the help desk, but as per my experience, they are not quite responsive. Reviews is one of those rare online pharmacy shops having some positive customer reviews on an independent review site.

A pharmacy buyer by the name Johno appreciated the company’s quick service and professional behavior. He says that the pharmaceutical company is ‘good to go’. He also pointed out that the company might sell products at a ‘little more’ expensive rates as compared to other stores but still buying from them was ‘worth it’. Dawgfase also mentioned the high prices at which company sells medications but seemed confident that the products he received are genuine explaining that although he hasn’t used the products, the ‘packaging seems real’.

Dylan from Australia, however, posted a contradictory comment. He explained that the customer service of the pharmacy’s website gave unclear answers to his questions and did not provide him with any tracking number for his order. He also says that it would have been better if he had checked out the pharmaceutical website’s status beforehand as it seems ‘dodgy’ to him dealing with them. Customer Experience Customer Experience

Having even a few positive independent appraisals indicates that had a good reputation when it was in operation. Although the pharmacy has some reviews against them you cannot please all customers and therefore, focusing on the positive ones, the e-pharmacy would have been a suitable place if it was still in operation. Reviews 2017

Since the website is closed now, there weren’t any new reviews for the pharmacy that I could get hold of. Therefore, I had to rely on other sources for figuring out the website’s vendor reputation and status. is a Rogue Pharmacy is a Rogue Pharmacy

The e-pharmacy is a closed one as mentioned before. Legit Script has also specified the site as a rogue one regardless on the customer reviews specifying that the site was a genuine one. However, I’m assuming that the site was listed rogue after it was closed. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Advisor associates a ‘low trust rating’ with the site. Weirdly enough, the scam reports specified that the site has a ‘bad feedback’, opposing the customer reviews. There is also a malware detected on the site which makes it unsafe to use. Coupon Codes

For customers who want more than just ordering from the pharmacy site and looking for possible ways to save money, might be a not so interesting place as the e-store does not offer any discount deals or coupon codes for its customers. Although most of the e-pharmacies give discounts on large orders as they decrease per pill rates for such orders, does not offer any such discounts. However, they offer free shipping for orders above 500 Euros (578 USD).


A non-functional pharmacy now, is one of those rare online pharmacies that have a good number of positive independent user reviews. However, what bugged me were the scam analysis reports which do not associate a very good rating with the site and the reports even stated that the website poor feedback and thus has a bad rating. I really didn’t understand why the scam reports specified that the site has bad user feedback after I found out some positive reviews. Nevertheless, the site is closed now and it does not matter if the site has good or bad reviews or scam reports as the user would not be able to deal with them.

My rating for the e-pharmacies that are closed now like is 1 out of 5 (5 being the best). Other potential issues that could have been the factors to not choose the site as a go-to place if it were operational are the high prices on which the site sells its products and the absence of any discounts for the customers to avail.


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