Review – Not Recommended Pharmacy with Poor Scam Reports Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy that claims to provide 100% original products to customers however, there is no mention if their medications are approved by FDA or not. Although the site does not state where the store is actually situated, I’m assuming because of the name that it might be situated somewhere in Europe, but nothing can be said for sure. The online pharmacy has been in operation for 12 years i.e. since 2005.

The main assortment of the drugs that Pharma Europe sells includes various types of steroids, Man’s Health, Anti Estrogens, Anti-Depressants, Head Ache, Herpes, Pain Relief, Quit Smoking, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Anti-hair loss and a few more. However, the prices at which these medications are comparatively expensive. For example, you can get Viagra at a price of 4 USD per pill whereas the prices are quite less when ordered from some other e-store. For ordering from the site, a customer does not need any prescription.

For payments, customers can go for either Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer. After the customer has paid for his order, the next step is shipping them the order which can be done through regular airmail delivery or express delivery. Shipping of drugs takes varied time depending upon the customer’s destination if ordered through regular delivery mode. For instance, delivery to the USA takes 5-10 business days, for Canada, Europe, and Asia, the time is 5-12 days whereas for Africa its 10-17 days. Express shipping takes just 1-2 business days for delivery across the world. Shipping costs also vary for both of these modes. For regular shipping, its costs 20 USD and the same cost for Express delivery is 49 USD.

Moreover, the online pharmacy does not allow order cancellations after the order has passed the processing stage which takes around 5 business days after order placement. Users should, therefore, make cancellations before the dispatch, if required.

For further queries, buyers can contact the help desk and send them their query. However, when I tried contacting them, there was no response. Reviews

I tried to search for some testimonials but does not have any old or recent, positive or negative customer reviews either on the vendor’s site or any independent source. Since there are no reviews, it is better to rely on the scam analysis reports to get to know about the website’s reputation. However, in case of no user feedback, it is advised for the customers to avoid dealing with the site. This is because the in the absence of reviews, vendor’s reputation is unknown and cannot be determined unless a scam report is consulted. Yet, the scam reports have a lower priority as compared to the reviews posted by the real users. That’s because the user feedback is more reliable than these analysis tools. Now that there are no user reviews, users should opt for some more reliable sources for purchasing their medications. Reviews 2017

For finding out the recent status of the site, I decided to check out various independent scam analysis tools. At first, I took to which identified the site as having a low trust rating of just 6% and recommends not to browse or buy from the e-store. Safety Level Safety Level

My next point of call was Scam Adviser. From the scam results obtained from this source, I found out that the site has a very low trust rating and high risk associated with it. The website has also been called a rogue pharmacy and has been said to be operating from a country which has a lot of online scams businesses associated with it. The site has also been detected to have a malware. Trust Rating Trust Rating

It is clear after the scam reports that the online pharmaceutical store might not be a suitable place for customers looking for good quality medicines as there is a chance of involvement of scam business by the vendor. Coupon Codes

Pharma Europe offers various discounts for customers depending upon their bill rates. Customers purchasing medicines of up to 350 USD can get 5% discount on their total bill. Similarly, for customers who place an order of 500 USD or above can get 10% off of their order whereas on order of 750 USD or above, 12% discount is given for customers to avail. They also ship medications without charging any shipping fee if an order with large amount is placed. Discounts Discounts

However, unlike other pharmacies, does not offer lower per pill rates on the placement of large/bulk orders.


For an online pharmacy with no customer reviews and hence, unknown reputation and the scam reports that specify the e-store’s involvement in fraudulent business, has been in operation for quite long now. The website has been in business for over 12 years now and is still running. The website not only sells medications at higher rates, their drugs are not even sure of being gone through a regulatory authority as the site does not mention if the drugs are FDA approved.

Although the website does offer a good percentage as a discount on large orders, they do not offer lower pill rates on large orders – an offer almost every e-pharmacy provides. Nonetheless, the main factors one should keep in mind are the site’s user reviews and scam reports and in the case when either of these is missing or are not in the favor of the vendor’s it is a better option to go for a reputable e-store. Same goes for Pharma Europe – a website with no user reviews and bad scam analysis reports. Therefore, in my opinion, the e-store deserves a rating of no more than 2 out of 5.

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