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While visiting, I noticed that it has been operating since 2005 as a mediator that forwards its clients’ orders to licensed pharmacies who help verify prescriptions and then dispatch goods to various locations where they are ordered from. Clients need a prescription to acquire products and they have to tender a copy of their prescription before the needed products (claimed being FDA approved) will be dispensed.

Some of their popular products include Viagra, Cialis, Propecia and so on. The average cost of Viagra generic is $0.52 which I agree is very cheap. accepts payments via visa cards and master cards, though, US residents with a local bank can pay with Echeck and even have the chance of benefiting from an automatic 10% discount. I also noticed that they offer beauty and skin care products so that clients may not just feel good as per their health but also look good to match.

It takes about 14 to 22 business days for products ordered to get to clients though that automatically means that any delay would extend the number of days between order and delivery. I noted that have a flat shipping rate of $16, which was a bit more expensive than the usual shipping rate of $9.95 at the usual online drugstores buyers are familiar with.

They have a pretty catchy refund policy. will happily reship or issue a refund for lost order if the address provided is correct, if at least 35 days has elapsed from the original shipping date and if the parcels are not held in customs. If you cancel your order within 24 to 48 hours prior to shipping, they will as well issue a refund. Returns of products acquired are not acceptable due to international pharmacy laws.

When I visited the site, I could not speak with any online representative though I was asked to leave a message, send a mail, or open a new ticket. I believe that live support is better as this will aid prompt replies to clients’ concerns. But an alternative was made available and made visible to clients. Reviews

I was a little disappointed when I checked out the reviews for It was quite controversial. Jeff left a comment about this vendor three years ago. He claimed that pharmacy2home is a legit site and that he has been ordering from them for the past seven years. He mentioned that their shipping methods are very fast. Reviews Reviews Testimonials Testimonials

Lion, who also left a review three years ago said that he left a positive feedback which was published when he hit submit but vanished when he hit refresh. This made him question the authenticity of review site he tried using to share his opinion. This is sI came across a response left by someone ten years ago on, asking for a recommendation about from anyone who tried its drugs. He attributed this conclusion, “Pharmacy2home has the ability to provide prescription meds. It is not necessary for your prescription to be forwarded when placing your order”. He couldn’t agree with the pharmacy giving out drugs without a prescription from a certified healthcare provider. But I must admit that as of present when I visited, it was stated that their products require prescriptions which can be sent to them via fax or email. Reviews 2017

Present reviews for Pharmacy2Home are somewhat hard to find, but on the bright side, the store did not have customer complaints on the web for the present year. Most online drugstores have complaints from every side, but although Pharmacy 2 Home’s customers were silent about the store, at least they do not tear the store’s credibility apart by negative testimonials. Coupon Codes

I did not come across any coupon codes. The only point where I noticed a discount is for US residents who can pay via Echeck. They automatically get a 10% discount on any product they buy. This discount sounds good enough.


Based on all I gathered while checking out, I am comfortable with most info gathered. They ask for a prescription and the reviews left did not exactly raise issues with the vendor. There is a degree of controversy in reviews left and I must say, an absence of recent reviews which is discouraging, I can’t say for sure that this pharmacy is unreliable. I thus rate 3 out of 5 because of the lack of assurance of the 100% benign service for the shop given the absence of present reviews for the store. I still can’t recommend the shop, though.

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