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Pharma Orders ( functioned as an online pharmacy from 2006 to 2008 (at least based on its web archive records, anyway), a time when mail-order drugstores are still gaining traction on the web market. The domain is now up for sale by its hosting provider, indicating that the shop may have failed to maintain the hosting service fee charged by the hosting service provider. I tried searching for the reason for the shop’s closure, but there appears to be no concrete detail for Pharma Order’s disappearance.

The store, however, had existing records for its previous service during 2006, and the files for continued until 2008. Although the store is now offline, the records from the web archives helped greatly with the assessment of; for instance, I was able to determine that operated since 2003, but it was ironic that the store only had records for its service from 2006. There was nothing on Pharma Orders which implied or cited where it operated from, but mentioned that it catered to consumers from all parts of the world except in Austria, Belgium, Italy, and Netherlands.

There were only a few products accessible on, as the shop only had a handful of medical categories with drugs in them. only offered meds for acidity, hair loss, HIV, anemia, skin therapy, smart drugs, fertility products, weight loss, and also offered a “more products” category for other unclassified medications. According to, it did have any controlled substances or narcotics, which means that the shop does not have steroids and Benzodiazepines such as Valium and related products, which were actually common in other online pharmacies. Pharma Orders did not state if its products were all generics or also included brand-name medications, and the store also did not disclose the FDA approval status of the medications. The prescription policy of Pharma Orders was also unclear—the shop allowed the buyers to send their prescriptions if there were any, but the store also offered medical evaluations for the consumers without existing prescriptions for their drug needs.

As for sexual health medications such as impotence treatments, only had generic Cialis (10 mg and 20 mg) and generic Viagra (100 mg and 50 mg) available. Pharma Order price for generic Cialis 20 mg was $46.88 for 12 pieces, while the generic Viagra 100 mg price from was $36 for 12 pieces. The prices for these products were average and similar to the offers from other web pharmacies.

Shipping was charged a standard $5.99 on all orders (which was actually pretty affordable), and the store accepted VISA, e-gold, cash, ACH, and bank wire transfers.

Since the store is now offline, buyers can no longer access the website let alone use its contact page. did not offer any explanation concerning its disappearance, and also did not inform its regulars if it moved to a new domain or merged with another company. Reviews

Pharma Orders only had on-site comments for its service, and none else. I was unable to find references for the store from external sources, so I had to make do with these on-site comments found on one of the shop’s sections. Reviews Reviews

According to “AD”, he was able to receive both his orders. AD also mentioned his appreciation for the store’s speed, good price, and excellent product quality.

“X”, another consumer, also thanked the shop for his orders. He even cited that the generic meds he received were as good as their brand-name counterparts.

More consumer reviews were available on the retrieved data for Pharma Orders, but since these testimonials were only found on-site, these could not be completely trusted, as they could be manipulated by the shop’s owners. Reviews 2017

It was surprising that I was able to search for on the databases of some of my go-to websites when it comes to domain analysis. I found records for Pharma Orders on Scamner and Scam Adviser—these two sites had more in-depth analysis results for the web pharmacy. Safety Level Safety Level

The overall rating for was only 9/100 although the store was found out to be working for more than 3 years already. The store was identified to lack an SSL certificate, which Scamner found rather troublesome, especially for the consumers.

As for the age, the shop was created 6 years ago and is bound to expire within 5 months. The web pharmacy’s location was identified in the United States. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The Scam Adviser result for was contrary to the low rating given by Scam Adviser. was given a 100/100 rating for its safety, although there was no explanation given regarding why the domain was awarded a high rating. The age identified was also nearly 6 years and the location for the website was pointed out to Germany, but the owner’s country was in the United States. Coupon Codes

Pharma Orders gave its consumers $10 off their next orders, but only if their orders exceeded $80. Discount Program Discount Program

Although did not offer a free shipping deal for the consumers, its buyers were able to enjoy a minimal shipping fee regardless of their locations—only $5.99, as opposed to the minimum $10 charge from other online pharmacies.

Conclusion is a closed store with a meager product lineup. However, I appreciated that the store had average prices for its products and also had a low charge for its shipping. Despite the age identified for (6 years), this mail-order pharmacy service did not have external reviews from its previous clients, which indicates a lack of trustworthiness for this online shop. My overall rating for is only 1 out of 5—mainly because it is now closed, and partly for its lack of reviews.

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