Review – Is this Closed Store a Scam Site or Not? Main Page Main Page (or Official Canadian Pharmacy) was an e-store which looked similar to most web pharmacies in the market. The store had common products available—meds for erectile dysfunction, heart disease, obesity, and various others. However, is now closed, and instead of seeing a “store” during my visit, I just saw a site with obliterated contents and reduced as a page with several search keywords. Also, the domain Online Canadian Drugshop is now for sale, according to its hosting service.

The store claimed that it was the “cheapest” online drugstore on the web, although the shop did not have the records to prove that it was indeed the cheapest web pharmacy on the internet. did have its past website snapshots saved on the web archive since 2011, although, in 2015, the shop apparently changed templates and became Canadian Drug Store instead of its former name, Official Canadian Pharmacy.

According to the information about the online pharmacy (Canadian Drug Store), the store had a three-year selling experience although the store did not mention where it actually operated from. However, stated that its products all came from India and were approved by the Indian FDA (and had other international certifications), therefore guaranteeing clients that they were safe to consume. As for the products available on the store, featured common products found at local drugstores—the store had meds for allergies, depression, infections, cholesterol management, skin care, weight loss, pain relief, impotence, and others. sold brand products and provided generic alternatives whenever available, as the store sought to offer the lowest prices for its clients.

The most popular products on Online-canadian-drugshop were the meds Brand Viagra, Generic Viagra (and its numerous variants), Generic Cialis, Propecia, Levitra, Zithromax, and several others. According to the info on Online Canadian Drugshop/Canadian Drug Store, its “brand” Viagra was sold for as low as $9.36 per pill, while its “brand” Cialis was sold for as low as $10.40 per pill, while other web pharmacies sold the same medications for nearly $80 per unit. offered these medications (and other Rx-only products) for its clients without requiring them to submit their prescriptions before being dispensed the meds.

Concerning payments, allowed clients to pay for their orders using credit cards (VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard). Since this online store was now offline, I was unable to identify the shipping rates incurred by each order. Although some of the sections of this shop were still functional on its web archive records, the store did not disclose its shipping rates for the items. In the case of lost orders, the shop offered to reship the items. Reviews

The website did not have external feedbacks from its clients, although had on-site comments posted on its pages. Here are some of the reviews available on the store: Review Review

According to David Harvey who posted on February 2016, he was able to receive his Viagra and Cialis orders and was thrilled with the good results of the drugs. Testimonial Testimonial

Another client, Paul Lamb (posted his review February 2016 as well), he was able to receive his items from the store. He also appreciated the effectiveness of the meds he ordered from the store. Feedback Feedback

More client feedbacks were available on, but since these were only on-site comments, they could not be trusted. These Online-canadian-drugshop reviews were unverifiable and being online reviews, they may not be “authentic” and were probably just fabricated by the store unless proven otherwise. Reviews 2017

Because I had a hard time searching for reviews for the store, I sought the help of several web pharmacy sites such as Scam Adviser and Scamner. These websites were able to identify details for the domain despite its offline status. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

According to Scam Adviser’s report, the site was a threat listed site, primarily because of malware reports linked to the store. No other details for exist on Scam Adviser, as the shop was recently acquired by the company Amazon. Safety Level Safety Level

Although Scam Adviser failed to identify more details about, the other site was able to do so. According to the report for, the shop only had a 6/100 trust rating because it did not have any SSL certificate which could protect the clients from having their data stolen from them. Coupon Codes

Although no coupon codes exist on, the store offered several deals for its buyers, freebie pills on every order. The shop awarded 4 pills for its clients on their every order, but the store gave 12 pills for consumers with orders exceeding $300. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

Apart from the complimentary pills on every order, did not have other discount deals present for its consumers. Online-canadian-drugshop also did not offer any free shipping promo for its clients, even for those with a certain purchase amount.


Online Canadian Drugshop was just like any drugstore with nothing that can set it apart from the others. offered the typical product range involving generic and brand medications for a wide spectrum of medical conditions.

The store started out as Official Canadian Pharmacy, but later on changed its template to Canadian Drug Store. Reviews were also not present for the store from external sources, and only offered unreliable on-site comments from alleged buyers. My verdict for this closed drug store: 1 out of 5.

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