Review – Web Pharmacy with Limited Information for its Past Service Main Page Main Page has its domain now for sale by the hosting service. The store’s contents were obliterated and in lieu of the gone contents, the store had a glaring “for sale” notice and several keywords such as “cheap cheap”, “generic finasteride”, “order contacts online”, “medical billing”, “emergency clinic near me”, and several others.

There were no reviews for the domain so I had difficulty in evaluating the shop’s performance in the past. However, thanks to the help of the web records available for, I was able to gather information about the store, although limited.

My Health Online 24×7 only had records in the year 2015 on the web archive and according to the store, it has been running for 3 years in 2015. The shop also claimed to be one of the web’s leading internet drug stores and that it only aimed to cater to the growing client needs when it came to cheaper medications. Although did not explicitly state where it functioned out of, the store overtly pointed out that its meds were dispensed out of India and were from Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The store,, had a wide range of products available in its shop, and involved medications for pain relief, obesity, motion sickness, weight loss, women’s health, mental disorders, and a lot more others. My Health Online 24×7 stated that its drugs were all approved by the Indian FDA and therefore were safe to use.

According to the records available on the store, its generic Viagra product (which contains Sildenafil Citrate) was sold for at least $0.22 per pill, while its generic Cialis (which contains Tadalafil) was sold for at least $0.79 per pill. Consumers were not asked for prescriptions for any of these products, even they were prescription-only products.

Clients were only able to pay for these products using their VISA and MasterCard credit cards, plus E-check payments, and bank wire transfers. As for the shipping, the consumers were made to choose between the regular shipping and the faster EMS shipping. The cost of the International Unregistered Mail shipping which took up to 21 working days was $10, while the other option, the Trackable Courier Service which took up to 9 working days was $50. Although significantly faster, this “trackable” option was unavailable for several countries such as Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Belgium.

In the case of delivery troubles, the shop assured the consumers of product replacements and refunds, as long as the consumers contact the support team first. Reviews

Like the typical online shops, My Health Online 24×7 did not have reviews for its service from reliable sources such as third-party review platforms and forum websites. However, the store had reviews posted on-site, which were, as expected, positively geared towards the store. Testimonials Testimonials

Although positive, I noticed that these comments were those I saw from other web pharmacies. They were similar to reviews posted on various web platforms, meaning, these reviews were only copied. On-site comments for the store are usually unreliable because they are used by online shops to coax buyers into purchasing meds from it. Reviews 2017

My Health Online 24×7 was last seen on the web archives in 2015, so the store probably had less chance of getting reviews for its service beyond the year 2015. Instead of seeking reviews, I tried using several web platforms to assess the status of and to gain more insight for this web pharmacy. Safety Level Safety Level recognized that the shop was unreliable and gave the store only 0 out of 100 possible points for its reliability. Also, according to the platform, was untrustworthy enough to use to use even for browsing.

Scamner mentioned that this store had a missing SSL certificate and compromised the data of buyers using it. Also, Scamner was able to detect a considerable number of spam reports directed at the web pharmacy. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Adviser, on the other hand, gave 50 out of 100 points, but stated that the site was a “new site without feedback”, listed as a “rogue” internet pharmacy, and also had malware reports. Scam Adviser also noted that the shop was redirecting to another site, (a site from the hosting service), during Scam Adviser’s last check for the domain. Coupon Codes did not offer coupon codes and voucher products for its former consumers, but it offered other deal instead, such as free pills: Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

According to the information on the web archives, gave away free impotence treatment pills for buyers with a set pill purchase amount. For orders of at least 60 pills, the shop gave 4 generic Viagra pills or 2 generic Cialis Soft pills.

Free shipping was also offered by the store to My Health Online 24×7, but for buyers with a set purchase amount.


There was limited information on the website from its former clients and from the web archive. Reviews were also unavailable for the store, which indicate a lack of reliability for this shop.

Overall, I think this store only deserves 1 out of 5 because of its untrustworthiness and its dearth of consumer feedback for its performance. The store’s now closed, so I recommend you to purchase your medicine stocks from other sources.

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