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Located in Delhi, India, was an online pharmacy committed to providing high-quality products at a very reasonable price. This online pharmacy was managed by one of the largest online pharmacies in India. Information about the start and close date of is not available.

During its run, offered at least a thousand medicines for different illness and health conditions. Most if not all of the medicines they were offering were generic medicines. Among the drugs they offered were ED drugs, hair loss drugs, weight loss drugs, heart and cholesterol drugs, medicine for heartburn, asthma medicines, herpes treatment, and cholesterol medicines.

The most popular ED drugs offered by were Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Priligy. A generic Viagra costs $1.30 per pill (100mg) while their 50mg costs $1.10. A generic Cialis costs $1.20 (20mg) while a generic Levitra of 20mg costs $1.30 per pill. Priligy costs $2.10 per pill of 60mg.

In the FAQ section of, they clearly explained that generic medicines are just the cheap counterparts of branded medicines who already passed strict FDA regulations. It means that generic medicines are as effective as branded medicines and were only cheaper because the manufacturers no longer have to go through a rigorous process of testing their produced medicines. With that being said, this online pharmacy is saying that the medicines they were offering were safe and FDA approved. utilized SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on their website to ensure that their customers’ credit cards were safe when used for payment. Purchasing medicines from this online pharmacy can be completed by paying online with a credit card.

All orders from were shipped for FREE using Express Mail Services (EMS). This shipping method was provided to all customers, regardless of where they were or to where the order will be delivered. Delivery time depends on the destination of the package.

Customers with questions about the drugs or service that offers can contact them through their ‘contact us’ page. For customers who need to call them, they can do so at 1-800-650-4109. Since this online pharmacy is no longer active, verifying whether these contact options work is no longer possible.

For lost, incorrect or damaged package, customers had to contact support. According to their FAQ page, for these reasons, they will reship the order instantly once reported. The online store asks customers to wait for 15 days from the date of shipping before reporting loss order. At the moment, there is no data as to whether they do a refund for customers who would like to get their money back due to missing order. Reviews

In a sales marketing campaign, especially online sale, customer reviews play a very significant role. A simple customer review has the power to break or make a sale. Based on studies, most buyers are depending on what they are learning from other people in making buying decisions hence if you want more customers, you better establish a good business and earn great customer reviews. knew this hence they had well-written reviews plastered on their website such as these: Feedback Feedback

One of the happy customers of was Shawn J. Rainey. Shawn was expressing his happiness with the service he received from saying that it was way better than the experience he had with English companies. He even went ahead to give them a kudos for a great job done. Above is a picture of Shawn, all smiles.

Aiden Oliver was another happy customer of and after receiving his first order, he was expressing his love to through the customer review. He added that he was happy with the price of the products he ordered and the quality. Aiden’s happy image was also attached next to his review.

With these two customer reviews for, I can say that this online pharmacy does understand the importance and impact of customer reviews to potential buyers. What they missed, for me, is how fake these reviews look. I have been reading customer reviews in the past for different online companies and I knew a fake one when I see one – Shawn and Aiden were fake! Reviews 2016

With fake customer reviews to possibly lure potential customers, I decided to check what does has to say about is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

A verified monitoring and verification site for online pharmacies,’s evaluation of was not a good one. According to the site, this online pharmacy was a “Rogue Internet Pharmacy”. It means that it is not to be trusted because it didn’t pass the verification process set by Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

With a not so good result from, I checked the status of on According to this site, is considered as a “threat site” because its location cannot be identified. Perhaps during its operation, this site kept on changing servers for its operation. Coupon Codes is no longer operating as an online pharmacy hence the information I gathered about them is limited. At the moment, discounts and promotions offered by this online drug store are not available except for this one. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

Although it is a regular offer to all customers of, I consider their offer of Free Shipping as an on-going promotion. This was still their way of inviting potential customers to check their site and their offers.


In general, seems like a very genuine online pharmacy. They were located in India and their medicines were from one of the biggest Indian online pharmacies. They offered cheap medicines and they were shipping worldwide for free.

Since they were shipping all orders worldwide via EMS, were they able to earn back their expenses? If they were so willing to reship all lost and damaged orders, will they still earn from this business? Aside from these questions I have about, I feel that I need to mention how fake their reviews were. I mean who would review a product and send his picture along with it?

For these reasons, I am giving 1 star out of 5.

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