Ezbuyrx.com Review – US Virtual Pharmacy not Serving the US Customers!

Ezbuyrx.com Main Page
Ezbuyrx.com Main Page

Ezbuyrx.com was a US-based online pharmacy that is no longer active. According to a third-party review site, this store started operation in 2012. No data can be found as to when the site close down.

Information gathered from a third-party website revealed that ezbuyrx.com only ship medicines in the US. It had licensed US doctors that help customers in finding the best medication for their conditions. Ezbuyrx.com believed that they can provide meaningful online consultation to their patients/customers and help them save some bucks (for transportation in going to a doctor’s clinic) and in saving their time. Besides, online consultation and purchase of medicine can be done anytime of the day.

Ezbuyrx.com had a lot of medicines to offer during its time. It offered sex-up 100, pefomax, normon, fortera, and citrate acvis. Among their best sellers were viagra gervasi, epilix, enigma, sildenafil orbis, and varosex. Since the archived information about ezbuyrx.com was limited, I cannot find other ED drugs offered by the site except for Viagra. Price is also not available at this time.

Web archived information about ezbuyrx.com doesn’t include their FAQ section hence determining if the medicines they sold were FDA approved was not possible. On their main page though, it stated that they offer only “genuine quality medicines” that were guaranteed to be safe and reliable.

For the payment methods accepted by ezbuyrx.com, they used to accept credit card payments such as Visa and MasterCard. They also accept payments through the Western Union, Zoom, Circle, bitcoin, and TransferWise. On their homepage, they said they only do secure and trusted transaction!

For inquiries about their services and products. Customers can contact them through live chat. A third party site reviewer also said that this online pharmacy had a phone and email support but these things are no longer available at the moment. Responsiveness of the said contact supports can’t be tested as well since the site is already close.

A review of ezbuyrx.com from a third-party website revealed that they do worldwide shipping except in the US and some countries including Serbia, Australia, Madagascar, and Guinea. For their shipping methods, they had Airmail and EMS. Data on the price and amount of time it takes for the orders to arrive are not available. With limited information, refund and return policy of ezbuyrx.com during their operation are also not available.

Ezbuyrx.com Reviews

A customer review represents the experience of a customer after purchasing a product from a certain online store. Although the reliability of most customer’ reviews is questioned by other people, I personally believe that customer reviews are important. I always check on those things first before making a visit to online shops. Regardless if a customer’s review is real or not, the idea it gives is still something worth pondering before making a purchase.

Unfortunately, for ezbuyrx.com, they don’t have any customer reviews that I can use to further evaluate their legitimacy as an online pharmacy. With no reviews to consider, I am thinking that this online pharmacy never had any customer, to begin with, hence no one writes any review.

Ezbuyrx.com Reviews 2016

There are a lot of online pharmacies offering low-cost medicines along with other perks. Some of them don’t require a prescription. To prevent people from getting fake medicines or being scammed, legitscript.com was established to evaluate online pharmacies worldwide.

Ezbuyrx.com is a Rogue Website
Ezbuyrx.com is a Rogue Website

According to the most recent evaluation of legitscript.com for ezbuyrx.com, this online pharmacy was a “rogue online pharmacy”. This means that during its operation, it didn’t meet the qualifications set by legitscript.com. Legitscript.com was a monitoring and evaluation site for online pharmacies.

Ezbuyrx.com Trust Rating
Ezbuyrx.com Trust Rating

As for scamadviser.com, a website that determines whether a certain site is a scam or genuine, ezbuyrx.com poses a small risk of being a scam. Scamadviser.com further exposed the fact that this online pharmacy might have been located in the US but was using a Philippine server during its operation. A website in the US that doesn’t ship to the US? Sound fishy right?

Ezbuyrx.com Coupon Codes

When ezbuyrx.com, very few information about this online pharmacy was saved in the web archive database. Aside from its missing FAQ page, there is not much about promotions and discounts that this site offered to its customers except for one.

Ezbuyrx.com 10% Discounts
Ezbuyrx.com 10% Discounts

For customers who want to save a few bucks, paying using Bitcoin is one option. According to the promotion run by ezbuyrx.com, customers who will be paying using Bitcoin gets 10% discount off their order.


Ezbuyrx.com was a website dedicated in serving their customers around the world. They were committed in providing genuine quality medicines that were guaranteed to be safe and reliable to use. They also offered different mode of payment options so customers can choose the best one that will suit their need. In addition, this online pharmacy also had licensed US doctors that help their customers with their medication needs (prescriptions and diagnosis).

According to legitscript.com, this website is currently categorized as a “rogue pharmacy” and until they reopen and undergo another evaluation, they will remain as “rogue pharmacy. Scamadviser.com warns customers of possible threat when using this website. According to scamadviser.com, this website could be in the US or in the Philippines, we won’t know for sure since the site is no longer active.

Since I am an avid online shopper who favors websites with customer reviews, I am disappointed to find none for this online pharmacy. When no information is available about a certain website, few customer reviews can. Still, to avoid being biased because of the limited information, I am giving this online site a rating of 2 out of 5 stars. The 2 stars were from the fact that the evaluation of scamadviser.com revealed little threat when using this website.

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