Review – Now Redirects to a Site for an App Download Main Page Main Page (Direct Pharma) is an online drugstore which supplied consumers with more affordable generic substitutes for the medications they need. Today, though, the shop does not exist anymore. During my latest visit, I was redirected to, which is a website offering a download for some application. Fortunately, I was able to still gather data for the online pharmacy using its archived records despite its offline status.

The web archive data for Direct Pharma shows that the website was online from 2005 to 2013, which means that the store started more or less 2005 and also closed around 2013. According to the available information on Directpharma’s retrieved files, the store operated from India but catered to consumers around the globe. Based on the information on, the laxity of the Indian FDA regulations allowed pharmaceutical companies to manufacture generic versions of various famed medications, even the ones for impotence. The store assured its clients, though, that these companies were accredited by the Indian FDA, as well as the US FDA and other drug regulatory commissions of the world.

Products available on only encompass generic versions of Viagra, Propecia, Cialis, Lipitor, Levitra, Zocor, and Soma. This shop’s initial product lineup is actually surprisingly meager, unlike the usual extensive product offerings of common online drugstores. Other shops I’ve been to offer an extensive product range typically arranged by their medical conditions treated. is unique for offering only a handful (8 products, to be exact) of meds for its consumers. However, as time went by, the store’s product density grew, and it included meds for weight loss, cholesterol, pain relief, skin care, birth control, and several others, later on during its service. offered a no-Rx policy for its consumers, so the buyers freely purchased their meds from even without prescriptions, but the store provided online consultations to verify the patients’ need for the medications.

Direct Pharma offered generic Viagra from $2.21 per tablet, generic Cialis from $3.21 per tablet, and generic Levitra from $3.30 per tablet. The store already included the shipping in the prices of the products, so the consumers did not have to worry about the shipping fees during checkout. As for payments, the store merely accepted VISA credit cards. did not have refund policies for lost orders and did not also state if it was able to replace parcels lost during transit. As for returns, the store did not allow the consumers to return their orders under any circumstance.

The shop, Direct Pharma, is now closed, and the shop now inaccessible, even with the use of proxy servers. Reviews

I thought that the lengthy run of is enough to ensure the presence of numerous consumer reviews for the web pharmacy. However, I was wrong—despite the long run of the site, it still did not have third-party reviews for Direct Pharma.

Independent websites did not have consumer reports for the website, whilst online forums did not even mention the store in their discussions., though, did have a handful of blogger opinions for its service, but most of them were doubtful concerning the store’s alleged good service.

Web pharmacies without reviews typically offer doubtful service—if the store did offer excellent service, the reviews would have shown otherwise. Although no complaints exist for this shop, the lack of bad reports for does not completely guarantee its safety and reliability for buyer purchases. Reviews 2017

Direct Pharma did not have reviews for the year 2017, but the shop had domain analysis records available on several evaluative platforms: Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

The website Scam Adviser mentioned that was a threat listed shop with a hidden location. Overall, the Scam Adviser findings suggest that was not a safe place for consumers to shop from. Safety Level Safety Level

Scamner, another trustworthy platform, gave Direct Pharma a low score of 0 out of 100 points and recommended consumers to refrain from browsing the store and purchasing from the online pharmacy. was given a zero score because it did not own an SSL certificate, which endangered the consumers’ sensitive information.

The store was marked as spam and its domain registry is expiring in a month. It appears, though, that is now owned by someone new, because the analysis records for Direct Pharma reflect that the store was only 11 months old, which was contrary to the 8-year record available on the web archives. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes were not available on Directpharma’s records on the web archives. The store, though offered free shipping for its consumers, although I was unable to verify if the free shipping offer was unconditional or even real.

Online pharmacies typically give consumers discounts on their repeat orders and also freebies. Direct Pharma offered no such deals, which left the consumers with nothing to use in case they needed to save more in cost.


Direct Pharma is an online store incepted in 2005 and functioned for several years. However, the store is now out of business and its domain now redirects to a website offering an app download. I found no clear reason for the web pharmacy’s closure, as there were no existing reviews (and complaints) for the online pharmacy. Due to the store’s current non-functional status, I am giving the store only 1 out of 5 and recommend that you search for other web pharmacies to use for your needs.

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