Review – Not Enough Facts to Call it Reliable Main Page Main Page was an online pharmacy that supplied prescription and over the counter drugs possibly from the period 2006 to 2016, this fact was assumed based on a copyrighted notice. Canada Pharmacy World operated in British Columbia and supplied a host of drugs; Antidepressants, Arthritis, Asthma, Birth Control and Blood Pressure to name a few.

In term of Erectile Dysfunction, at their pharmacy, a customer could find a variety of Viagra and Cialis both hard and soft. On average Domperidone cost $41 for10 mg, Viagra $175 for 100 mg, Cialis $85 for 20 mg, Rosuvastatin 10 mg at a cost of $57 and Generic Viagra $99 for 100mg. They were approved by the CIPA and Pharmacy Checker. I cannot say if they were FDA approved as that information was not provided.

Canada Pharmacy World ensured Credit Card safe safety metrics and accepted; Visa, Mastercard and eChecks payments. There was a $10 flat shipping rate regardless of the quantity shipped to the US and $25 for items shipped out of the US. Shipping took between 10 and 18 business days.

There was no live chat but customers could call a toll free number or send a fax. CanadaPharmacyWorld did not accept returns because it was against their policies but apart from this blurb, there was no information about refunding customers so I would assume that refunds also was not covered by their policy. Reviews

No reviews were found for Canada Pharmacy World. Usually I would expect a seller to at least praise themselves for their good customer service, timely deliveries or excellent products but they did not even do this. They did not even see the need to embed such details into their website. Yes, it is biased to do so and you cannot trust a seller with positive reviews on their website but it gives us a little insight into the seller and at least shows that the seller cares about their reputation. But Canada did not see the need to do this so were we to assume that they did not care about their reputation?

Also, the lack of independent reviews too was very suspicious. Any seller on the internet would have an established reputation whether good, bad, ugly or in between. The lack of again caused too many assumptions to be made. Did they have customers or did they just not care about their reputation.

I could not support this site as I usually seek out reviews before committing myself to purchase anything. I work too hard for my money to squander it. I could not purchase without knowing the seller’s reputation or credibility. I did not even know if customers got their orders. Reviews 2016

A check was conducted on scam adviser to determine the trustworthiness of Canada Pharmacy World. Website Not Active Website Not Active

It appeared as if was no longer on the internet or in operation. No reason was given. It was already established and assumed that the seller did not care about its reputation but I still had to wonder what happened to their customers. Were they sent courtesy emails informing them of the impending shutdown of the business? I was also curious as to why they ceased operations. But there was no one to answer those questions so I had to continue my assumptions. Coupon Codes

It was disappointing to learn that there were no coupons and not even free shipping offered by Canada Pharmacy World. Their flat shipping rates were good compared to other sites and appreciated but I felt as if they could have done more for their customers.

CanadaPharmacyWorld competition was stiff but I think they ignored them or didn’t care. Then, I was forced to wonder why they set up shop if they did not intend to retain their loyal customers who could easily have gone to other pharmacies to shop.

I believed that Canada Pharmacy World failed to analyze their environment and look at the economy, competition and demographics of their customers. If they had they would notice that people are more conscientious of their spending because the economy is not stable. The playing field with competitors is not level or by any means equal and customers have more buying power as the internet has opened a Pandora’s Box of suppliers and opportunities. I was disappointed at Canada Pharmacy World’s lack of initiative and sensitivity to their customers’ needs.


Whilst the evidence screamed “fraud” or “scam”, my findings were disappointingly inconclusive. It was hard to cast judgment when all the facts were not in front of me. But without crucial information such as reviews or FDA approval, I knew I would not be participating in this business’ activities.

I get that some people may have still braved the waters but I was not a brave soul and am not one when it comes to my hard earned money. A company that does not try to retain its customers and appears to have a laid-back attitude when it comes to its reputation is one that would have to snatch my money out of my palms to get it. Canada Pharmacy World was a company like that.

I made no apologies when I gave Canada Pharmacy World a 2-star rating. In fact, I would do it again, especially if I thought about their lackluster approach to business and customer service. It is my belief that the customer is always King and did not give me that treatment.

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