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It is easy to be impressed by the drugstore due to the various accreditations posted on its homepage. Who wouldn’t be impressed by the fact that Canada Drugs Online is a part of several well-reputed Canada drug associations? Apart from being affiliated with a number of trustworthy organizations, Canadadrugsonline is also a verified online pharmacy by Pharmacy Checker. However, we shall still see if this drugstore is as reliable as its advertised affiliations. is managed by a licensed pharmacist Mohammed Hassan, who had his license number posted on the site for consumer reference. According to Canada Drugs Online information, it is a “leading” online pharmacy which has already catered to over 100,000 clients since its inception (although it was not indicated when the pharmacy did start). Apart from the past customer density, also boasts about having low prices for its available products.

Canada Drugs Online is located in Canada and is affiliated with Candrug, a local drugstore operating from British Columbia. Apart from supplying drugs in the Canadian locality, also supplies its products to a number of nations of the world. Most of the products of the drugstore is for the condition erectile dysfunction (most good deals are also for the ED products); nevertheless, also provides its clients options for various medical conditions (AIDS, Alzheimer’s, diarrhea, acidity, malaria, depression, heart disorders, endocrinal disorders, and others), and dispenses the products to the buyers as long as they have the prescriptions for the products.ED products such as generic and branded Viagra and Cialis are accessible at, and the store sells the products for various prices suitable for the consumers. The lowest quote I’ve seen for Sildenafil (in this case, Suhagra from Cipla) is $48 but for 64 pieces of the 100 mg tablets. On the other hand, one of the cheapest generic Tadalafil price listing available on is $85 for 60 20 mg Tadalafil pills (this is Megalis from Macleods). There are brand-name drugs in the store, but the generic products are significantly cheaper. All of the products sold by Canada Drugs are approved by the FDA (US and others), so buyers can be assured of the drugs’ quality and efficacy.

Unlike the common online drugstore, however, accepts payments via International Money Orders and via personal checks only. This means that in the case of fraud, there isn’t something you can do to retrieve your payments. So buying from this store entails risk. Concerning the shipping rate, only asks for a flat $10 on each order, regardless of size. This is an advantage for the buyers since most online pharmacies charge for more when it comes to shipping. But, there is information that does not offer expedited shipping options when it comes to orders, even if you’re willing to pay more.

It is too bad that Canada Drugs Online doesn’t not have a live chat support I can use for real-time service, but offers its phone numbers and its email support for buyer use. Reviews

I found a client feedback for and it is one from a trustworthy independent website, This review site is famous for its honest feedbacks from buyers for a large number of online stores. got a 7.4/10 rating from Trustpilot, but the average is only from a single user review (which was odd, by the way) and is from a few years ago. This seems to make the comment rather outdated. Customer's Rating Customer’s Rating

Looking at the buyer’s comment, it is easy to see that he was generally pleased with service. Albert gave Canada Drugs an easy 5 out of 5 and related how he bought a generic Domperidone (which according to him was cheaply-priced) from the store. He recounted speedy service and stated that he would like to deal with the same drugstore in the future. Customer Experience Customer Experience

Albert’s comment for was indicative of his contentment with his purchase, but I’d like to see more client comments for Canada Drugs since this particular review came from years back. For all we know, may have improved its service, or it possibly changed for the worst. Reviews 2016

Apart from the review by Albert, though, there were no other comments for Canada Drugs Online on the same online review website, so I thought it was wise to check on the store’s reputation from other sources which can keep me abreast on the current status of Trust Rating Trust Rating Scam Information Scam Information

It is rather unexpected that only had a 12 percent trust rating from, one of the online sites helpful for evaluating Internet sites for their credibility. Apart from the low rating, there is even a warning not to buy from Canada Drugs from this site. in Threat List in Threat List

Although it is apparent that is a little bit confused for its rating for (the score is 51 out of 100, which is kind of in the middle), the analysis website aired a “threat-listed” advisory for Canada Drugs due to malware reports and the “unapproved status” for the online store. According to this review, though, still has a lot of visits from clients, but recommends transacting with this pharmacy with care. Coupon Codes

I find that promotional offers are necessary especially if you want to save more in cost. I tried looking for available vouchers on Canada Drugs Online, but instead of locating discount coupons, I came across this promotional offer: Referal Program Referal Program offers a “referral” promo, which enables you to earn cash points from each client you successfully encouraged to buy from the store. This vendor promises to add $25 to your account for each buyer referral, and also assures a $25 credit for your friends whom you referred to the store.


I like how had a lot of choices for its product prices (as an intermediary, Canada Drugs Online has an extensive list of price choices for each product) which enables buyers to choose which price suits their budgets well. My only concern for this store is that it only had one review. did not have recent feedbacks from its buyers, although it is interesting that no complaints were aired as well.

However, things did not look good for on both and, as both websites advised against the purchase of buyers from Canada Drugs Online. On my personal opinion, I’d rather trust the judgment of these websites than end up getting scammed. As I am not so sure about this store’s service, I am rating it only 2 out of 5.

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