Review – Not a Reputable Pharmacy to Conduct Business Main Page Main Page was known for their dedication to providing outstanding service and quality products. This was shocking news to me since their operating location or years were not on display for the layman to see or come to general assumptions.

Some of the bestsellers were Phentermine, Ambien, Valium and Xanax. In their Sexual Performance Categories: Cialis was between $49-147 (Generic) and $53-458 (branded), Kamagra would cost $49-183, Levitra would cost $49-169 (Generic Variety) and $45-486 (Branded) and Viagra $39-239 (Generic) and $53-499 (Branded).

Buy-Medicals boasted of FDA approved medications so much so that it was listed on every web page. Secured Ordering was available with their accepted payment methods being Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Dinners Club. The only information known about their shipping policy was that they included Registered Airmail and Express Mail Service. Other information such as shipping cost and estimated delivery time was unavailable to do the website being removed.

There was an online customer chat but it could not be accessed. However, BuyMedicals invited customers to send an email. Information on their return and refund policies were not very forthcoming. Maybe it could have been found on their frequently asked questions (FAQs) or Terms and Conditions pages. I did not have access to those pages. Reviews

Reviews posted by customers for Buy-Medicals services and product told a good-to-be story. Feedback Feedback

The reviews on display were available on Buy Medicals website and could be found in their testimonials section. Carlos of Florida had a good shopping experience. He liked that they were affordable, delivered on time to him and delivered in good condition. Meanwhile, Scottsdale from Arizona commended their packaging. It seemed as though Scottsdale was a repeat customer and had ordered before as it was said, “as does everything I order from you.” Angela of California had received her order and was happy with the quality of the product.

These reviews were all positive and not on independent sites so it could mean that they were compromised and influenced by the seller or put up by the seller themselves. The reviewers were all from the United States (geographically dispersed) and talked about the service; mainly the delivery of their order and the quality. Maybe it was Buy’s intention to emphasize that their reputation was one where customers would get their products on time, in discrete packaging and the quality would be standard or above.

However, when I choose to shop online I look at reviews both on the seller’s site and do an internet search for an independent forum to get the entire picture of the seller’s reputation. I was disappointed that this was the case so I had to look for another investigative tool. Reviews 2016

Below results shown from analysis tools: and Safety Level Safety Level did not recommend shopping on and gave them a zero percent trust rating, understandably so because it was impossible to trust a seller who only had reviews on their website. The website also did not have a lot of traffic as it was learned that their visitors were few. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

Scam Adviser threat listed The website was based and most likely from China. I ordered from China before but the website I ordered from was very popular. Usually, before I order from anywhere I let multiple brave persons do it before me. That way the chances of me losing my money slimmer than if I bought without foreknowledge. Coupon Codes

Whilst there were no coupon codes or advertised promotions, I did realize that they advertised that they would offer “VIP Prices for Returning Customers.” I personally liked that Buy Medicals had a retention strategy in place and offered reduced prices to returning customers like Scottsdale. He could have mentioned the price reduction in his comment but he didn’t. Maybe the promotion came out after he purchased from the website.

Also, Buy-Medicals do not say what the reduced prices were. One thing that irritated me was that I had to draw too many assumptions and make inferences. I applauded them for their efforts but wasn’t too impressed by it because there was no strategy for the present, the now. I got that they were trying to get you to buy and come back again but my thing was what if I died before I made the next purchase?


I will admit that Buy-Medicals did look appealing. I considered buying from them up until I realized that I did not have some very important information. That information being shipping prices and times, refund policies, and well there operating location and time. They weren’t some secret service agency so that information should have been readily available and if not on their homepage.

Then there was the issue with Buy-Medicals reviews. Too much positivity usually means some negativity. Then it was a little suspicious to me that their reviewers were all from the same country. Did they not ship internationally? It was okay that they were located in China as people outsource website services all the time but they were threat listed. They also did not have a lot of traffic so I wondered who really posted those not dated reviews.

Needless to say, I gave BuyMedicals a 1-star rating because of their inconsistencies and did not advise persons to buy from them as their operations were untrustworthy. I did advise them, however, to look for reputable pharmacies with which they could conduct business.

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