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BM Pharmacy ( is a web store associated with medicine sale. Although the drugstore is still online, there are no items appearing visible. BM Pharmacy’s store is literally empty—there were no items for sale on BM Pharmacy.

I have scoured the whole site but there were really no items in stock. The only information stated on the web store is the discussion of the efficacy generic medications and their similarity with the brand-name counterparts. Apart from this information, there was no other.

I thought that if maybe I can create a new account on BM Pharmacy I will be able to view its products. However, I was wrong, as there was also an advisory on BM Pharmacy that new account creation has also been disabled.

Using Google, I discovered that BM Pharmacy had a lot of complaints concerning its service for the past years. There were infuriated client reviews on the web complaining of various things concerning BM Pharmacy. There were buyers seeking refunds for orders which were not received, some complained of credit card fraud, and irate buyers protested about BM Pharmacy’s lack of response to their inquiries or concerns.

Because there was literally nothing on BM Pharmacy, there is nothing more to expound on. There is no data concerning its history, the length of service, or anything which may be helpful to the buyers. The contact page is still intact, though, but there is no hint of a phone number or a chat box for an immediate response. You can send in inquiries, but you can’t probably expect a response. Maybe, the store is on the verge of shutting down (or being shut down) or is probably undergoing maintenance or improvement. I guess we’ll know in a few months (or never). Reviews

If you try to search BM Pharmacy on Google, you will be surprised by a number of awful reviews directed to the website. There are numerous grumbling buyers for BM Pharmacy, all complaining about the store’s horrendous, unreliable service. These buyer comments on one forum site are only some of the buyer complaints about BM Pharmacy. Testimonials Testimonials

The first complainant who posted on (July 2014) mentioned that he was able to order properly from the store 2 times. His only concern was that he was spammed with emails which he found extremely annoying.

Another anonymous buyer whined about not being able to receive his orders from BM Pharmacy. Based on the unnamed customer’s complaint, he ordered a product from BM Pharmacy and he was debited for the item. However, he was not able to receive the product and went on to process his refund. Unfortunately, based on his recollection, he’s still waiting for his refund and by the time of his review, he’s already been waiting for 5 months. Feedback Feedback

More reviews were accessible for BM Pharmacy and another buyer rated BM Pharmacy with 1 out of 5 stars. Based on his statement, the store’s products were of inferior quality and that BM Pharmacy was unable to solve its faults related to buyer purchases.

A 2013 review, another infuriated client protested against BM Pharmacy for fraudulently charging money on his credit card. He also related how he waited 2 months for his order and was also unable to receive his items.

There were more bad reviews for BM Pharmacy and I think I do not need to expound on these buyer reviews, as it is clear that BM Pharmacy is unable to offer good service to its clients and is overtly a scam site. 2017 Reviews

Hoping that somehow its 2017 review would somehow be improved, I searched for more current evaluations for BM Pharmacy. This is the result of BM Pharmacy’s assessment from Scam Adviser: Trust Rating Trust Rating

Like the buyer reviews, Scam Adviser’s assessment for BM Pharmacy was as equally bad. conferred BM Pharmacy with a 0 rating and mentioned that the drugstore has a low trust rating and is a high-risk website.

We can see that the tenure of a company does not imply good service, as with the case of BM Pharmacy. According to Scam Adviser, BM Pharmacy is up for about 10 years and is still running; however, the past reviews for BM Pharmacy indicated terrible client service from the online store. BM Pharmacy is also included in the “rogue”-listed pharmacies and was also detected to have malware connections to the store. Coupon Codes

Because the store was literally empty, there were no voucher codes accessible for BM Pharmacy. Even if there were, though, you can’t use them in the store because there is nothing to buy.


Early on, I am telling you that I am giving a poor score of 1 out of 5 to BM Pharmacy. This is a scam website which is maybe nearing its end. Its previous reviews were all from disgusted clients—the store had a long list of complaints about its service and the fraud it has committed on his buyers. Nevertheless, since the store is empty, no more buyers will be ripped off by this store. I hope that stays inaccessible until it can offer better service for its clients.

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