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I know there used to be a pharmacy that was supplying a peculiar set of meds. The pharmacy, known as, started its operations in 2016 and was shut down one year after. The company claimed to be a dealer in a variety of odd products including steroids, bath salts, incense, marijuana, abortion pills, muscle relaxants, and even cocaine. I am immediately overwhelmed with Best Lean Online exposure and I’m sure the pharmacy was an illegal store.

The pharmacy guarantees to be a licensed company by the Arizona Better Business Bureau, dealing only with drugs tested and approved by the Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA). I don’t understand why the pharmacy is advertising to supply meds approved by the DEA when the DEA mission is not to regulate meds.

As for payment methods, was only able to accept the main credit cards – both Visa and MasterCard. The company promised to deliver meds within 7-14 business days, shipping them from either the USA or Canada. The drugstore stated to be a partner with the world’s top shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others. The shipping fees were not specified.

The store offered a 100% money back guarantee. Moreover, the drugstore allowed clients to return the products within 30 days after receiving it, promising to give a full refund if the item was unopened and sealed. can only be accessed via Wayback machine. The remaining information is limited but I could easily sense the site’s lack of organization.

As for pricing, I did a quick check on the pharmacy’s listed price of erectile dysfunction meds. A set of 4 Cialis tablets (20 mg) could be acquired by $24.10. The same number of Viagra tablets (100 mg) had a listed price of $7.10.

Customer service could be reached out through phone (+1 (646) 481-0494), e-mail ([email protected]) or by filling the site’s contact form. Reviews

Given that it was extremely difficult to get a good look at the site due to its unavailability, I could not tell if the company looked dubious or not. I thought was just another closed pharmacy no one ever heard about it, but after seeing a considerable number of external reviews, I realized that the pharmacy has been used by many consumers.

Clients left preoccupying statements on The reputation of Best Lean Online was widely shaken and very poor. All clients gave a 1 out of 5 rating. Review Review

A very troubled statement was posted by user Jr25 in 2016 who warned us against this pharmacy, labeling it as a “scam”. According to this client, a member of the pharmacy’s customer service “threatened” him. Needless to say, Jr25 “never received” his products nor a refund. Testimonial Testimonial

Another user advises consumers to “not trust this website”. The consumer was clearly “ripped” off by the pharmacy after making a $210 purchase. To worsen the experience, even more, even asked this client to pay $300, allegedly for insurance”.

I am completely mesmerized by these reviews. was completely immoral and was a running a treacherous business. I would never use this store to get any meds. Reviews 2016

As for more recent reviews, the narrative, sadly, doesn’t change. Even though one customer is extremely happy with, most reviews continue to expose the pharmacy for its fraudulent activities. I’m glad the store is not accessible anymore. Review 2016 Review 2016

Swerv alerted other consumers for the fact was a “scam”. This consumer experienced the same insurance story as a previous one. After paying $300 for his meds, the company asked Swerv to pay extra $250 for insurance. After denying paying this superfluous amount of money, the store didn’t send the products nor gave the money back. I find this strategy absolutely barbaric and it should be taken care of by the appropriate authorities. It’s a clear rip-off. Testimonial 2016 Testimonial 2016

Another client took advantage of the forum and advertised another pharmacy. Supposedly, Michellemegan1 was caught in a scam after ordering from and then recommended to use a different pharmacy. I won’t take this statement into consideration because it seems fake. Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016

Another different client labeled as the “best online USA pharmacy”. According to this 5-star testimonial, the store is a “safe place” to order “drugs discreetly” without a prescription.

I haven’t much to say. I don’t trust and I recommend all of my readers to be careful with it. Coupon Codes

As for discounts or coupon codes, didn’t surprise me either. The drugstore was clearly not worried about getting its clients loyalty given that it didn’t have any special offer. Special Offers Special Offers

Best Lean Online was advertising free shipping on wholesale orders. Clients who purchased at least 10 packages (something the drugstore denominated as “important” orders) were also eligible for free shipping.


I don’t have much to say about If I take into consideration only the available reviews, there’s only one word to describe this drugstore: a rogue internet pharmacy. Luckily, the store is no longer operational and cannot continue to deceive innocent customers who are just looking for a reliable source of meds.

Former customers stated a repugnant activity executed by the store’s staff. Apparently, after processing the payment, asked clients to pay an enormous amount of money for an alleged insurance. Since clients denied paying such fee, the store didn’t return the money nor send the products either way. There are many consumers who were clearly ripped off by this drugstore. had a transparent fraudulent operation.

As I stressed above, I couldn’t be happier that this store is no longer in the market. The whole look sounds suspicious and I sincerely hope the appropriate measurements will be applied to this store. deserves the lowest possible score, thus I’m giving it 1 out of 5 rating.

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