Review – Not A Trustworthy Site! Main Page Main Page is a drug source for various drug items, although Atlantic Drugs is more concerned about vending products intended for erectile dysfunction. The homepage of the store is filled with suggestions for generic alternatives for impotence medications such as Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil). is not to be confused with (note the hyphen difference), as these are different online drugstores.

Besides erectile dysfunction medications, Atlantic Drugs is also selling various medications for other medical concerns. Drugs for pain management, healthy bones, cardiovascular medications, birth control, and even party pills and medicines for healthy gums are accessible in the store. Since there are no contraband medications/prohibited substances sold on Atlantic Drugs, the patients may procure all the drugs here (Rx or not) even without showing their prescriptions.

Mostly, generic products are accessible in this store, so you can expect lower prices than the regular market price for Viagra and Cialis products. Also, all of the products here are approved by the FDA (yes, generics are also approved by the FDA) of the origin countries of generic medicines.

Concerning Viagra, the available product is the generic Sildenafil substitutes. Indian brands such as Kamagra and others are available on Atlantic Drugs and Kamagra 100 mg is sold at $1.48 each, but the generic Sildenafil without label costs at least $0.64 each. Generic Cialis 20 mg, on the other hand, is available at Atlantic Drugs for $1.10 per pill, which is also reasonable enough.

Buyers can have their orders shipped to various parts for the world when using Atlantic Drugs, as the drugstore is capable of intentional shipping. EMS (faster shipping) and the slower Airmail shipping are the available options for buyers. Shipping ranges from 10 days to almost a month, so ordering from Atlantic Drugs should be for non-urgent orders. If your orders do not arrive in the specified time (plus allowance), you can request for reshipments or refund, depending on your preference. Returns, however, are strictly not allowed.

Concerning the payment options, buyers can pay using “big” cards such as JCB, Diner’s Club, VISA, MasterCard, and Visa Electron. There is no chat support available on the store, but you can use the available phone number provided on Atlantic Drugs. Reviews

Atlantic Drugs is not short on reviews on its testimonial page and it is noticeable that all of the user comments for Atlantic Drugs were positive and not one had a complaint about it. Buyers seemed happy concerning their purchases, like this reviewer, Steve, who ordered from the store all the way from New York: Review Review

His feedback was indicative that he was able to receive his order from Atlantic Drugs. There was also a mention of affordable items from the store. He said that Atlantic Drugs is “reliable” and because it was the case, during the time of Steve’s comment, he already had several orders from Atlantic Drugs.

Although it is too easy to believe that Atlantic Drugs is a reliable drugstore, the comments available for the drugstore are not verifiable. There is no indication that the comments were from real persons, as there were no extra details for the buyer comments. No external reviews were also accessible for Atlantic Drugs, as there were no third-party review sites featuring reviews from satisfied or dissatisfied consumers. Reviews 2016

As per habit, I checked whether Atlantic Drugs had malware incidences on the popular website, Scam Adviser. The result turned out not so impressive for Atlantic Drugs. Here is the report Atlantic Drugs got from Scam Adviser:

Is a Fake Site?
Is a Fake Site?

Report details indicate that Atlantic Drugs is a store operating for almost 6 years. However, although the store had a lengthy operation, Scam Adviser’s result signposted that Atlantic Drugs did not have a lot of user views. There is also a “rogue” advisory for the store and there were malware warnings as well. The overall rating for Atlantic Drugs was 36% out of the possible perfect 100 score. Coupon Codes

Atlantic Drugs has a free shipping offer for its buyers with orders exceeding $130. The free shipping option is for the regular Airmail option, though. The EMS option costs $30. Shipping Cost Shipping Cost

Apart from the free shipping option, buyers can also freebie pills for orders with the same amount ($130 and up). Atlantic Drugs is giving free Viagra pills (10 pieces) on every buyer purchase reaching the quota amount for the orders.


Good prices for the famed impotence pills and freebies are the main attractions of Atlantic Drugs ( There are good Sildenafil and Tadalafil prices on so buyers can save using this e-shop.

However, there is no assurance that buyers can really rely on the drugstore, due to its lack of reviews from outside sources. Atlantic Drugs also had a 36% rating (a low rating) from Scam Adviser, which serves as a caution for buyers. Due to the privation of reviews for Atlantic Drugs, I am giving the e-store only 2 out of 5 stars and I am not endorsing the use of this store, as there is no assurance for the reliability of this online pharmacy.

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