Review – Steroid e-Store with Negative Reviews and a Rogue Status Main Page Main Page used to be an online steroid store where Bulking, cutting, human hormones, anti-estrogen, skincare anabolics among many others were sold. The most common ones have been one vial of Decabol 250 at the cost $ 77 and 1 amp of Sustanon at $ 12. Others in that were used to be sold fast from its virtual shelves were Anadrol, Deca-Durabolin, and Andropen. Customers were allowed to possess these drugs without a prescription although a word of caution was thrown for them to consult experts before purchasing these narcotics. Since they had different outcomes to different people and their side effects were not so great to experience. The verified means of payment is through western union and money grams for small orders while medium to large orders would be paid using the wire bank transfers they were considered to be readily available and safest ways of footing the orders. Customers were provided with the email contact form which they would use to seek clarifications, instructions on how to pay and choose their means of transportation was later relayed to them directly via emails.

General information on the Shipping options was said to be 1st class priority airmail which was estimated to take (5-17) days at the cost of $ 19 and the express mail service worldwide within (1-2) days at the price of $ 59.The e-store took advantage of their 99.9% success in delivering of parcels to the USA and 95% to the rest of the world with only 1% cases of unsuccessful cases. Additionally, it was made clear that buyers should play their role in making sure the steroids bought from the store are legalized in their countries to avoid inhibition at the customs. Clients were guaranteed to be compensated the lost goods without undergoing any extra charges as the e-shop had a refund policy to be applied when such eventualities arose. Reviews

John five years ago posted published a remark that he had not received his order after paying for the goods and been told to wait for the shipping instructions that were not forthcoming. He tried to write to the support team several emails only for him to get belated and partially addressed responses. He followed up the issue for about three months only to have lied to him his package had been dispatched that was the last time he interacted with the support team who decided to ignore his emails. Customer Experience Customer Experience

Strawman five years ago began his comment by declaring the steroid-shop to be a complete scam having transacted with it and lost $600 three months past he had placed his order. He also rose a complaint regarding the incompetence of the customer care desk as it did not respond to him promptly neither was their feedback satisfactory to him.

The reviewers above were clear about the kind of services that used to be offered by that robbed them of their money and left them with an unforgettable scam lessons. The store was in the lack of a positive aspect of its consumers’ something that appeared to be odd. So I invested in using the scam checkers for more insights. Reviews 2016 had been blacklisted as it had deliberately failed to comply with the verified legal and ethical standards of handling and distributing drugs. Due to its carelessness in safeguarding the safety of the consumers and its engagement in dishonest business practices the government termed it to be rogue. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

I went ahead to use the and get numerical regarding trusting rate and popularity of the store. The China-based site was reported to be having a little trusting rate of only (10 out of 100) % It had an unknown popularity. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The site was also said to be malware as it could lead to causing harm to its users’ computers by infecting them with viruses or such like issues. Coupon Codes did not have any coupon codes or promotional discounts. Despite selling some expensive products, the seller lacked some measures to make the bill more affordable to his buyers by offering some cut offs to subsequent clients or giving them extra free tablets. The navigation price, especially for the express mail service, was exorbitant as it was charged at $59 while the standard airmail went for $ 19. Unlike other pharmacies where customers would be offered free transportation for large orders, this particular warehouse could only direct them to a different means of payment instead of appreciating them with the after sale service.

For a vendor to be said to have quality services one ought to consider the consumers perspective and invest in them by meeting his or her buyers half way in the shopping expenses. Clients look for saving opportunities as they make them feel like they have acted even when they spend more just to get a few discounts.

Conclusion has negative remarks from its customers as they complain of incompetent cases due to poor communication and uncooperative customer care team. The two reviewers lost their money while transacting with the site as their goods failed to be delivered. In addition to that, the pharmacy is said to have bent some regulatory rules making it be clustered as rogue by the Onto the it has a dismal trusting rate of (10 out of 100) % with reports of being malware to its users where consumers are cautioned not to engage it at all cost. It also has an unknown popularity despite having had a domain age of more than eight years. My take for closed and suspected scams is to rate them 1-star out of 5 of them where belongs.

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