Review – Advertising Site for Affiliate Online Pharmacies with a Rogue Status Main Page Main Page used to be an online site that offered affiliate supportive marketing along with ensuring that secure means of payments were utilized. These were e-checks, wire bank transfers and credit cards which were not precisely mentioned. Customers benefited from an extensive list of branded and generic drugs accompanied with their prices as a form of increasing their freedom of choice during their shopping. Impotence treatments were at the top of the list where a dozen of 20mg pills of generic Cialis with a dozen of 100mg tablets of generic Viagra went for 113.42; these were followed by Obriax, Tamiflu, Propecia and Zyban Wellbutrin which were distributed throughout the average listing. Consumers were also empowered that the pharmacies whose drugs were being advertised were responsible for seeking the FDA approval and demanding for a valid prescription more so to those whose orders comprised of such medicines. Alternatively, they were made to fill in a form giving concrete reasons as to why they were making some purchases in without written permission from a general physician so as to get their orders approved without costing them a penny by a team of doctors who worked for the pharmacies.

An exceptional aspect of this platform is that its clients were privileged to have a free shipping service using the registered international airmail within (10-20) days; while those who preferred to use the express mail service with an extra cost were permitted to do so taking about (5-10)days. Those buyers whose goods were held at customs and those whose parcels failed to be delivered used to be the consoled by a free reshipment. To those who were receptive of incomplete or damaged products, they were instructed to resend them back to the site for investigation so as their compensations would be approved. Customers were provided with an email contact form as a means of getting in touch with the support team during their transactions. Details concerning the physical location of along with when it was started were compounded in my interests that failed to actualize as it was not mentioned on its website other than the alternative use of French and German languages in their communication. Reviews

I would have liked to explore the sites further through the eyes of its clients by reading the user remarks only to lack a single one of them. Regardless of the convincing that has been done by the seller on the website I feel quite discontented for being denied an opportunity to go through the experiences of its buyers. As the end user of pharmaceutical products, I’m cautious to understand the quality of the services and products provided by the vendor, particularly from a fellow user.

The concern arose from an awful experience that I happened to encounter a few months ago after shopping for a certain brand of pills which I had almost given me the impression that it was out of stock. After paying several visits and making some inquiries to as many e-pharmacies as I could, I finally viewed it at a particular store that promised to sell it to me at an exorbitant price. Without hesitating, I placed an order and even paid for the expensive overnight delivery to get all I wanted in the shortest time possible. It took me almost a month to get my box which had an expired set of tablets, my disappointment was inexplicable after I was given some flimsy excuses from the e-shop only for it to mute my calls and ignore my emails instead of providing a reshipment as they had promised earlier.

When I got a chance to read its reviews, I realized that it was poorly rated and its clients were full of complaints characterized like mine, how I wish I had taken a look at them before transacting with it. Later on, it was reported to a fraud by the scam analyzers who I’m about to consult and get to know more concerning Reviews 2016

The said the site to have had a trusting of (23 out of 100) way below average as a result of its new status in the business. The Virgin Island-based site in British had an unknown popularity as well. Trust Rating Trust Rating

My final analyzer was the after the former one failed to mention its presence in the scam list. My findings were that it was reported to be rogue and lacked reviews. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website

To me, the results were satisfying after all sellers that pack their belongings and leave the business with a stranded lot of idea-less consumers do not deserve to be in the right books of law. Coupon Codes lacked coupon codes though it had the alternative of a free shipping service to all orders placed by its buyers which were done via the registered standard mail. Freebies Freebies

Since a valid prescription was a necessity, those clients who were not in possession of one were provided with a free online consultation to acquire one without an extra charge.

Conclusion lacked to have a single comment from a user who had benefited from its services and had an unfavorable trusting from the since it was rated (23 out of 100) %. Additionally, it was said to have lived up to rogue status according to the for the violation of transacting fraudulent operations. On its right side, it natured a saving habit by allowing its consumers to enjoy a free shipping service also it issued them with a free consultation as a way of safeguarding their consumption. Critically speaking the advertising avenue did not seem to be of much help to its audience and therefore I would not recommend anyone to it secondly I wish to award it with a 1-star rating out of 5.

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