Review – A Rogue Pharmacy That Will Steal Your Money and Spam Your Email Main Page Main Page used to be an online pharmacy that offered a variety of drugs. The domain is under auction because was shut down and there is no much detail about the pharmacy or its undertakings currently. However, based on information that was archived, I was able to know a few things about when it was operational. In case it comes back online, we will be able to determine whether it is a trustworthy business. was established in 2010 and remained in operation until it was shut down in 2017. I could not trace details on where it was based.

It was an online pharmacy that dealt in up to 120 drugs in its catalog. There were 17 different categories of drugs in its catalog. Among the drugs offered, the bestsellers were nayadum mg, vigoril, desilmax, sildenafilo citrate hersil and varosex. There were also drugs like intigra 50, aspen, getup true care, uplift and vifast 100. There were no details on the prices that charged on the listed items. I could not also verify whether the products were FDA approved as well.

Airmailchemist used to serve many countries among them Japan, Uruguay, Turkmenistan, Zambia among others. It used to ship its orders to the USA at a cost of $20 and it took the standard delivery method 4 days and the express delivery method 9 days for the order to arrive. The delivery methods were the Airmail and EMS. The mode of payment that was accepted was MasterCard and Visa. The bad news is that there were hidden charges.

There was a customer support service that could be accessed via email or phone. Live chat was not available. I could not acquire information pertaining the phone number or the email address hence I can’t verify whether they were efficient. I have no information pertaining to the refund policy as well. Reviews

Before I buy anything from online business, I am always wary of scams and the prevalence of fraudulent businesses that can sell you illegal substances, harmful substances, defraud you of money or use your sensitive information maliciously. It is important to check the online reputation from previous customers preferably from independent review websites. Testimonials on the business website itself are usually skewed and to drum up business through false reviews. There were no reviews captured or made when was still operational. I am skeptical as to the authenticity of the website. As such, I would not buy anything from Reviews 2017

Since customer reviews were not available, I was keen to see what other scam detecting websites would rate of I was taken aback by the bad reputation that had amassed when it was operating. If you entrusted them with your email, they would send you spam emails. They used phone numbers to cold call you to push their promotional information and sent sales letters to your address unauthorized. Website Could Be Unsafe Website Could Be Unsafe

When I ran the address of on, I came up with some information about. First, it was branded unsafe to use and the location remains hidden. It is unsurprising because the site is not available. Coupon Codes

To push their sales, online pharmacies tend to present offers and coupons to lure prospective customers and to encourage existing customers to buy more. In addition to helping the customers save money, they are encouraged to buy more and refer other people hence the business experiences better sales. There were no coupon codes provided by even when it existed. It did not have special offers, coupon codes or discounts. Given the level of competition in the online pharmacies market, I’d expect them to have many discounts on shipping and prices. Even when they were operational, they did not offer any respite to their customers.

Conclusion is not on the internet and the domain is for sale. I have no clue on why they were closed down or shut down. There is no information on when they are likely to come back either as or as a rebranded outfit. However, when they were around, they were not a legitimate business. There are no reviews from customers either positive or negative. This does not bode well for their chances of being legit.

There were hidden charges to their products and they used the customers’ information maliciously. The fact that they deducted unauthorized charges on their customers’ credit cards is not just unprofessional, it is unlawful. You should stay away from any online business that deducts hidden charges on your credit card. There were no reviews on the website or any independent review website. It must have been so unpopular, it did not have any customer to provide feedback. They did not ask for prescriptions from their customer. As if there was not enough to put me off from, I learned that they were not FDA approved. In case the drugs did you any harm, there was nowhere to turn to because their location was also not easily determined.

I would not buy any drugs from because even during their existence because they were a scam website and a rogue pharmacy. I would look elsewhere to buy any sort of medication instead of risking my personal information and financial information. Their unscrupulous dealings are probably the reason why they were shut down. Putting these factors into consideration, I give them a rating of 1 out of 5.

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