Review – A Scam Website That You Are Better Off Not Using Main Page Main Page is a digital pharmacy that used to deal in a variety of drugs as was indicated on their website. The website seems to have been taken down for some unknown reason. I wanted to find out whether Aclepsa was a credible online pharmacy based on the set up as well as reviews. is not available but with the help of a screenshot, I was able to quantify a few things about it when it was online. The website homepage was quite easy to interact with.

Aclepsa online pharmacy was dealing in a few categories of drugs and these were listed on the left-hand side of the site. There was no information as to when Aclepsa was formed or its location. Aclepsa sold generic Cialis at $2.25 a pill, Sildenafil Citrate at $1.75 per pill and Generic Propecia at $0.66 per pill. There were trial ED packs but from the limited information at my disposal, I couldn’t tell whether the drugs were approved by the FDA. majored in generic medicine.

Due to the absence of the website, I couldn’t test the customer service provided by the site as well as details such as payment methods, shipping costs and time of delivery. Reviews like any other online business should be handled with a lot of caution. This concept is not lost on me as I was eager to know what used to offer its customers in terms of service and quality of products. There is no better way to find out such details than to seek reviews of customers preferably on an independent review site. I found some customer reviews on one of the many consumer forums on the internet and they had a few things to say about Aclepsa. Customer Report Customer Report

According to mule50, whose location remains undisclosed, he is a very unhappy customer. He gave a meagre rating of 1 out of 5 and his opening remark speaks volumes about his view of the services that he received. “Scammed me for $30”, he begins, “Phone number and chat line are window dressing”. I believe that means that they are not functional and are just for decoration. He also lamented how he lost $2000 the next day and he suspected it must have been stolen by agents. Customer Experience Customer Experience

Livingindayton was a stark contrast to mule50. He was full of praise of because he had “used these guys a number of times over the past 5 years” and he seems happy with the customer service. 5 years is a long time and a show of loyalty to the Aclepsa. Customer Review Customer Review

MaryLilLamb is another customer whose review shows how unhappy she was with the store She ordered some birth control pills to use for an entire year but they were due to expire long before a year elapsed. She reached out to customer service but they insisted that the pills could only be exchanged when the other owns fully expire. After this, they went silent and did not reply to any of her emails. She got so livid she vowed to broadcast her message of discontent to all the review forums she would find. Reviews 2016

I also decided to do a scam analyzing test with two of the best-known scam analyzing websites that help unearth cheats and scams on a crowded internet. These are and They came up with some damning analyses of as an online business. Trust Rating Trust Rating gave a low trust rating further emphasizing that the site is not safe to use. In addition to that, the site is based in Malaysia which is considered in some quarters as a risky country. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website is a site that analyzes websites and provides a conclusion of the status of the website based on its legitimacy. It analyzed and deemed it a rogue internet pharmacy website. It would be smart to avoid Aclepsa in case one wanted to buy any medication. I would not deal with this website during its existence and would look for medication on other online pharmacies that are more credible. Coupon Codes

Like many other online businesses, one of the main ways in which drummed up its business and aimed to keep customers hooked was via special offers. The offers were meant to save the client some money and keep them loyal to them. Whenever I want to buy online, I always look for a genuine seller and the discounts as well. Save on Shipping Offer Save on Shipping Offer

One of the bonus offers that used to offer were free Bonus Pills whenever you placed an order after an initial order. When you were a repeat client, the next consignment came with 20% free bonus pills. All you had to do was log in and place your order as usual. Bonus Pills Offer Bonus Pills Offer

Another offer was the shipping discount that was granted to a client if he/she ordered several orders within a 24 hour period. All those orders were charged as a single order. That is probably the cleverest offer I have heard of. Even if you made 10 orders, the shipping cost would be equivalent to that of a single order.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that no longer exists or is offline at the moment. I don’t know whether it will come back but as far as I am concerned, it was not quite trustworthy. The reviews from the independent site seem to be genuine and all but one called out Aclepsa online pharmacy as a scam. I would not buy from them as well. I give a rating of 1 out of 5.

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