Generic 100mg is a blog that helps prospective customers from all over the world diligently shop online when it comes to medications. Our reviews warn consumers about possible dangers associated with counterfeit generic medications and dishonest providers of pharmaceuticals. Information provided in our articles is based on extensive research performed by medical professionals and supported by the experience of real customers who obtained medications online.

Our goal

We deliver transparency to prospective customers, as shopping for medications online in a sometimes mistrusted industry, can be a challenge for unaware buyers. We know that customers need trusted information based on the third party verified reviews and product reputation. Our dedicated team of medical researchers helps you to access this information easily and helps to decide which medicine to buy (pharmacy to choose). Diligent customers make smart purchases.

Our reasons

The idea of creating Generic 100mg comes from the personal experience of placing orders on online pharmacies and getting hit sometimes upon receiving poor quality medications of a doubtful origin.

Our team

David G SchlundtDavid Schlundt

Schlundt’s area of interest is behavioral medicine with specific focuses on nutrition and behavior, and racial and ethnic health disparities. He is currently involved in several major studies including Project REACH 2010, a CDC funded demonstration project designed to reduce disparities in diabetes and heart disease among African American residents of North Nashville, and the Southern Community Cohort Study, a study funded by the National Cancer Institute to look at genetic, behavioral, psychological, nutritional, and environmental reasons behind ethnic disparities in cancer and other chronic illnesses between Blacks and Whites living in the Southeastern United States. Schlundt is also involved in developing and testing culturally competent approach to weight loss, increasing physical fitness, and preventing relapse after medical and behavioral interventions for diabetes.

Teri BrowneTeri Browne

Associate Professor Teri Browne joined the faculty of the College of Social Work in in 2008, where she is also co-director of the Interprofessional Education for the Health Sciences. In 2017, Browne was inducted as a Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Fellow for her work as serving with distinction to advance the mission of the society. Prior to joining the University of South Carolina, Browne worked professionally for 18 years in New York, California and Illinois as a rape crisis counselor, Nephrology social worker and director of social work for a dialysis center.