Generic 100mg is a blog that helps prospective customers from all over the world diligently shop online when it comes to medications. Our reviews warn consumers about possible dangers associated with counterfeit generic medications and dishonest providers of pharmaceuticals. Information provided in our articles is based on extensive research performed by medical professionals and supported by the experience of real customers who obtained medications online.

Our goal

We deliver transparency to prospective customers, as shopping for medications online in a sometimes mistrusted industry, can be a challenge for unaware buyers. We know that customers need trusted information based on the third party verified reviews and product reputation. Our dedicated team of medical researchers helps you to access this information easily and helps to decide which medicine to buy (pharmacy to choose). Diligent customers make smart purchases.

Our reasons

The idea of creating Generic 100mg comes from the personal experience of placing orders on online pharmacies and getting hit sometimes upon receiving poor quality medications of a doubtful origin.