Pharmacy Mall Review – One of the Oldest Reliable e-Pharmacies Still Keeping Customers Satisfied

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
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Pharmacy Mall is a drugstore serving its consumers since 1997, which makes it one of the oldest online drugstores still existing today. In the shop’s “About Us” section it says that they aim to “supply professionally manufactured brand and generic medications at the lowest prices” so that their clients save time and money. As we can imply from this store’s seals of approval from CIPA and MIPA, the shop is clearly located in Canada.

Pharmacy Mall bestselling items are mostly ED drugs with some antibiotics, steroids, and others: Viagra at $0.27, Cialis at $0.68, Clomid at $0.44, ED Sample Pack 1 at $2.31, Brand Viagra at $2.56, Doxycycline at $0.3, Propecia at $0.51, Levitra at $1, Amoxil at $0.39, Viagra Professional at $0.57, Prednisone at $0.3, and Brand Cialis at $3.72. Besides those products, Pharmacy Mall also had other bestsellers such as the premature ejaculation SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drug, Dapoxetine, which the store sold at $0.95 per pill; other best-selling products and their prices are as follows: Zithromax at $0.4, Nolvadex at $0.52, Cytotec at $1.7, Cialis Professional at $1.2, Viagra Super Active at $1.25, Extra Super Viagra at $2.86, Cialis Extra Dosage at $2.05, Cialis Soft at $1.11, Viagra Soft at $0.91, Kamagra at $0.9, Cipro at $0.22, Cialis Super Active at $1.32, Extra Super Cialis at $3.06, Female Viagra at $0.68, Lasix at $0.25, Zoloft at $0.28, Propranolol at $0.27, Xenical at $0.79, Prednisolone at $0.32, Tadapox at $1.08, Metformin at $0.26, Antabuse at $0.43, Sildalis at $0.95 and Valtrex at $2.66.

Customers pay with credit cards – Visa/MasterCard. Shipping may be via Airmail, which takes 2-3 weeks costing $9.95, or via EMS Courier Delivery, which takes 3 to 8 business days costing $19.95. The latter is not applicable for certain countries, though.

Orders will be re-sent free of charge in cases of damaged or defective drugs or incorrect products received. Buyers with concerns about damages or delayed shipping can contact Pharmacy Mall using its phone numbers (+1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092) or using its messaging function.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Pharmacy Mall customer testimonials from the past years were great and buyers seemed to like how the shop handled their orders. Consumers usually commented on the fast shipping, the good quality of the products, and cheap prices of the products on the store. Here are some of the testimonials buyers left for the Pharmacy Mall shop: Testimonials Testimonials

One buyer stated that he was “pleased” with Pharmacy Mall’s fast delivery and sufficient customer support. Because of this, he planned to re-order from the store in the near future.

Like the first buyer, another customer also stated his amusement with Pharmacy Mall’s service—according to him his order came faster than anticipated. Because of this positive experience, he said that he was a hundred percent satisfied with Pharmacy Mall.

Another buyer, on the one hand, related how the Pharmacy Mall customer support team was able to help him order the medicines he needed. According to him, his initial order did not come thru, hence the need for him to ask assistance through the phone. He was given the help he needed and he ended up being able to successfully place his order in Pharmacy Mall.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews 2018

Pharmacy Mall reviews for the present year consisted testimonials from grateful buyers, just like from the previous years. Customers still found the Pharmacy Mall service awesome, hence the positive response towards the store in terms of the store’s delivery, products, and customer support. Testimonials 2018 Testimonials 2018

According to the consumers, they were able to save considerably by using Pharmacy Mall for their medicines, especially for expensive yet essential treatments like impotence medicines, HIV meds, and similar products.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

PharmacyMall offers ED sample packs and discounts for purchases of larger quantities of pills. For Brand Viagra 100 mg, 4 pills would cost $36.55 or $9.14 per pill, but if 12 pills are bought, the price per pill goes down to $5.17. Discount Offers Discount Offers

If a customer buys 96 pills, he would already save $329.29 and if he buys 120 pills, he would save $405.66!


Pharmacy Mall is a long-established drugstore with a robust selling history. It sells brand and generic medications and offers ED sample packs and good discounts. Customers were always delighted whenever using the store due to its low prices and its inviting and supportive team. The store Pharmacy Mall is still highly recommendable, hence my handsome score of 5 out of 5 for this web drugstore.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

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