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We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews
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I had trouble locating data for this closed store, The shop’s domain is now up for sale—it appears that the store was not able to pay for its domain’s yearly maintenance and reservation. Like the typical online stores, offered various types of generic medications applicable for a wide range of medical conditions. Meds for men’s health, women’s health, skin care, and various others were the ones sought after by most of the previous patrons of acted as an escrow service which connected buyers to offshore ground pharmacies with the best prices. There was no need for Rx provision on this shop because the store had medical assessment services done by “licensed doctors”. These doctors approved the orders and assigned prescriptions when needed.

Although the meds of were “top quality meds” from famed manufacturers, since this store is now offline, I was unable to view prices for the meds I am utterly concerned about. Well, I just had to assume that the prices for the famous generics such as Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, or even Vardenafil HCl.

I was unable to visit the shop today—it seemed that had been closed for some time. The store did not have reviews for its service during the past, so I was unable to know whether performed well or if its products were authentic or were simply counterfeit. Since the domain was just gone, the store did not have issues with the government or wasn’t associated with fraudulent activities. However, it is still baffling that the store just halted its service without notice. Reviews

Like I mentioned earlier, did not have mentions all over the web (actual client feedbacks). The store, though, had references from blogger websites. However, the insights for were unimpressive and were mostly critical of the shop’s service.

According to one pharmacy blog, the store was a young domain—which explains why there were no mentions for the shop’s service. The store may have been unsuccessful when it came to sales, so it closed down early.

It would have been a good thing if the store did have feedbacks from its former clients, but there were none, so we really have no information on how well the shop performed during the past. Reviews 2016

Even the web archives returned null results when it came to reviews for But, there are platforms with readily available feedbacks for the likes of, such as Scam Adviser and Trust Rating Trust Rating has its location traced to Germany. According to this result from Scam Adviser, the shop is a high-risk store with very few visitors and with a low website value ($87.38 only during its lifetime). was indeed a young store, and based on the result from Scam Adviser, the shop only had a life of 1 year. Safety Level Safety Level result indicated that did not have visitors and according to the result, was also an unreliable online store. It is only given a 0%, which is a critical rating for any online pharmacy. Coupon Codes is not a good place to come to when you’re looking for erectile dysfunction medications. The store did not have client offers of extra pills and did not waive shipping costs for a certain amount of purchase. Discount Offers Discount Offers

However, there seems to be a small sale on the store during its online year. advertised “savings” for the purchase of Cialis Black pills and some of its other products, in order to emphasize how much clients can save should they decide to order from the store. However, this marketing ploy is nothing unusual, as all online shops offer lesser prices for clients willing to purchase more quantities of the same products. I would have preferred finding “real” discounts on, but since the store is now offline, there’s no way checking for coupon or discount offers.


It is no surprise that online shops come and go, that’s why it is imperative to look for reliable stores. Today, I have proven that is not a trustworthy store because it closed down only after a year of operations. The shop may have moved to a new domain or may have merged with another store, but since there was no advertised reason for its disappearance, I can’t assume good things about this store. My grade for this shop is one out of a scale of 5.

is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews

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