Review – Well-Put Together Scam Main Page Main Page boasted themselves as having been a Canadian Pharmacy that provided the highest quality and lowest prices. The website was traversed but their location and operational years were unidentified.

CanadaOk-Pharmacy Best Sellers were generic and branded Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Kamagra was only sold in its generic form. They also sell in the categories of allergy, antibiotics, birth control, respiratory and weight loss. The cost was generic and branded Viagra $0.84 and $9.36 per pill, Cialis $1.34 and $10.40 per pill and Levitra $1.82 and $11.44. Kamagra’s generic form cost $1.43.

There was no information on Canada Ok Pharmacy FDA approval so I assumed that they were not FDA approved because they would have posted it on their homepage since everything else was there. They accepted primarily Visa, Mastercard and American Express Credit Cards in USD, EUR or GBP currencies and offered free Air Shipping. The amount of time it took to ship was not available.

CanadaOk-Pharmacy had a 24/7 online support with numbers from the US and UK to call. I could not find their policies so I did not know if they had returns or offer refunds. Some pharmacies by law could not accept returns whilst some accepted them if the packaging was not tampered with. Reviews

Take a look at reviews below. Customer Report Customer Report

This review was taken from and posted by carapet. Carapet praised them for their support, shipping, quality of products and free gifts. He received his order within a week, He has been using their generic Viagra for about 6 months and claims that it was an excellent product since he was a user of erectile dysfunction drugs before.

This website was independent and the review is positive so I could not cast that much judgment although I would. This was just one comment. Nothing can be gained by reading one review. In order for it to be believable, there must be at least 3 to 4 comments from any seller for the customer to ponder upon. Customer Experience Customer Experience

There were also comments on the seller’s website. Fabio said that he got a cure for his condition without having to spend much. Tiffany said that they offered an assortment of products and their prices were competitive. Tom said that it was money well spent and worth it.

Not that I was being pessimistic but even big sellers operating in the online industry get a mix of positive and negative reviews. This seller had clearly or not so clear earned himself a stellar reputation which was very hard for an able thinking person like me to have believed as nothing is absolutely perfect and without blemish. Reviews 2016

The analysis conducted by and scam adviser shows unpleasant situation for the vendor. Safety Level Safety Level did not advise browsing or buying from CanadaOkPharmacy. The website was not very popular and it was last updated 2 years before. gave them a 0%. Without even going to scam adviser just by this rating I was scared to even make a purchase on their website. I feared that my financial and personal data would have been compromised. Trust Rating Trust Rating advised that Canada Ok had a low trust rating and the site was not safe to use. The site was based and from the United States. That was not bad information but what confused me was that they had “Canada” in their URL but were not exactly from Canada. The URL I believed was very misleading to the public. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes and promotions were found from Canada Ok Pharmacy’s website. Free Delivery and Free Samplу Pills Offer Free Delivery and Free Samplу Pills Offer

CanadaOk-Pharmacy offerings were pretty good and enticing; in fact very tempting. They offered free delivery on every order but this was via the regular delivery method, in this instance I was thinking “Airmail” since that was the only shipping method listed. Then they offered their customers free sample pills. Another offer I saw was that they were willing to price match. That is, if you were to go to another seller’s website and see the drug priced cheaper, they were willing to give you 10% off the price shown on the other seller’s website.

I appreciated the free delivery but I would have loved to know how long it would have taken to get to my house. I also appreciated their sample pills but how much was I going to get per order? Was it that I was going to get based on how much I spent or was I going to get a percentage extra based on how many pills I ordered? The price match was really good but required a little too much work in my opinion. Probably worth it to some but I should not have to work for discounts.


Despite CanadaOk-Pharmacy pretty website and nice user interface and layout, it turned out that was nothing but a well decorated and imagined scam. I would admit that I did get fooled and was attracted to the website because of all the colors and how well they blended. Red, white and black had always also been one of my favorite color combinations.

CanadaOk-Pharmacy reviews were excellent but there was too much positive energy to be realistic. Then analysis tools advised you not to purchase from them because they were threats. Their discounts were really good too. Everyone wants to save and get the most value for their money. This could have been realized with

I give a 3-star rating just because their efforts were really good and impressive. Yes, they turned out to be a scam but they put a lot of effort into it. The only reason they did not get a full rating was that their scam wasn’t fine-tuned and well obviously because they were scamming shoppers.

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